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Arming oneself


Nexus sat hunched over his desk, pen in hand and paper beneath. Lines appeared, connecting other lines, where marks were notched with numbers written next to it. In a matter of an hour the image began to grow serious details, lines darkened and connected to others. After a while it could be seen that it was a compound bow of sorts, next to the sheet lay other drawings of the same bow from different angles.

Leaning back for a moment, Hood thought it over. If he did as he wanted to it would seriously make the project cheaper, but at the same time, he would be ever closer to the taint of the darkside. He would pay James Armor Co to have the bow Alchemized by their top workers, whom were trained by the best of the best, including Zaiden James-Greyson himself. The Darkness would be a threat, this was undeniable. But if he didn't have his bow durable enough to battle lightsabers, it was a failure from the start.

Returning to his work, Hood added final details. He wanted the frame Alumisteel, with blades along the outer length, an armorweave drawstring thick enough to survive a glancing plasma blow. The only portion though that would be durable as he needed would be the bladed edges, everything else would remain simple metal.

After several more minutes, it was complete. Taking the pages up and scanning them onto the Holonet, he sent them to both Zaiden himself as well as co-owner, Darren Shaw. Along with the designs he sent 2,000 credits. That was the agreed on estimate when he spoke with J.A.C representatives.

In moments a message was received from Zaiden, he would send someone, and they would meet soon.