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Arla Balor

Arla Ordo

Mandalorian Redhead
NAME: Arla Balor
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Rally Master
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'10
EYES: Brown with flecks of gold
SKIN: Tan from the sun, otherwise can be pasty white


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

She is determined, loyal to the few that are her friends, a willingness to learn.

She is stubborn, sarcastic to a point of offense. She puts up a good front but inside she craves what she sees and wonders how far she would go to have it.

Arla is tall, curvy, and tone. She stands 5'10, weighs usually 135 but has been known to weigh 145, she has red hair like copper. Her armor is green and gold, there are splashes of red painted upon it.


She was left on Tattooine, she has no idea who her parents are the only thing left to her was the armor which appeared to belong to a woman. Arla assumed it had to be her mothers, which makes her wonder if her mother is dead. The only possession left to her she had guarded it with her life. As a child she worked for whatever credits she could get, a cantina owner took her in. Keeping her in a small storage room with a pallet for a bed.

She looks at the armor and dreams. Many times people have tried to take it from her, but the one thing she has that is hers that connects her to a people to someone somewhere the owner has let her keep and protect.

A protocol droid in the markets recognized the armor as mandalorian and began to teach Arla basic mandalorian of which the stubborn girl would rather play when she could. Her story begins not knowing anyone else who is mandalorian, she wonders if she should leave Tattooine or give up thinking she can join a people and find family.

She wants to learn to be a true mandalorian, but already she knows at her age she is long past many of the rites that mandalorian children would endure, and hope dwindles that she will ever become one of them.

But she wonders who is she.

Her journey as a mandalorian begins when Arrbi Betna is on Tattoine to fulfill a contract. He comes into the cantina where Arla has lived most of her life. And with the promise that no one would find out if she wanted to leave he would take her with him.

Son - Avrum Balor

Not yet




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Breath and Squeeze (weapons training with Arrbi Betna)
Teach me I'm ready to learn
Boxing Lessons
Iron Finesse - Bres'briik training

Character Building

Beating the odds
What was lost can be found
Mother of invention
The Voice of a Nation
When the Cards all Fold
Just sitting on a lake shore
Meshgeroya! Beautiful Game (incomplete)
This is home -
A Night Together
This is home
Hand me that fusion cutter
Shh we are hunting Shatual (incomplete) Arla asks Azrael to go hunting
Into the Manda: Memorial of Mia Monroe
Marching Far Away (Gils' Funeral)
Succession of Ka'ra - Challengers for Mand'alor
Separation of States
What's a girl to do - shopping with [member="Anastasia Rade"]
Under the two suns (incomplete)
High Risk Expectations - Arla hangs out with [member="Kal Kandossii"]
Do I or Don't I - Arla wants to continue the search for her parents. Naimes and he gives her a gift to help with the decision. He gives her Naat Naa'taylir - a talisman.
Special Delivery - Arla sends Naimes a gift after winning Tournament of the Blade.
Shhh we are hunting Dragons
The Conqueror returns - Verz returns
Complexity - Arla is confused and seeks out Naimes (ongoing)
Crossing the divide - (ongoing)
Tough Love - Mandos go to work with the Republic (ongoing) Arla meets members of the Republic for the first time. [member="Orick T'ane"] [member="Kiyron "][member="Gir Quee"]
Lions, tigers, and Bears Oh MY - Hunting thread


I will burn you with my righteous fire
Welcome to the Fold
Mando Finesse
I see a blood moon rising (Gromas)
War and Gamble (Vorzyd) Arla is paired for the first time with [member="Naimes Ahn-Dross"]
Playing in the Sand (Aargonar) Paired again with Naimes
Dirt and Ice (Bimmiel I)
There's a Sith in my Boot (Ord Radama)
War waits for no man (Schesa)
Never say nether (Bimmiel II) - Leading a team
Shhhh we are hunting wabbits (Toprawa) - On her own chasing a Recon Team of 5


Writ of new extermination (Telos V)
The Reckoning (One Sith vs Mandalorians (Empress Teta)
Fighting for Rubble (Dromond Kass)


Striders War - Infiltration of Coruscant (incomplete)


Salvaging a planet


Act II _ Trip to Wonderland
Act III - Insurrection

Dev Threads​
Gestures - Arla barters her way around to gather and learn how to make a gift for Naimes
Sweat and Tears - Arla learns how to mine beskar, and how it is refined.

Approved Submissions​
Arla's Armor
Soul Keeper Necklace
Shatual Gloves - given to Naimes Ahn-Dross

Arla's Weapons​

MT-14 Heavy Blaster Pistol
likes force breaker grenades
Arla's Droids​

Rudy - M-1 Series Astromech


Hunting Again
Welcome fellow redhead.