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Arkanian Roll Call

During my Tuesday game night an idea came to me that got my GM to laugh and also say that I was horrible.

The idea was to, in Star Wars, create the Tau from Warhammer.

In theory this can be accomplished by an Arkanian or a small group of Arkanians (due to their experience in Genetic Manipulation) altering the genes and genome of the Duros species.

The primary idea being the creation of a short lived warrior species to serve as warriors and guards.

Thus I am looking for Arkanians. Though I am unsure just how many individuals RP as Arkanians or those that would be willing to work on such a project.

If you are, I would like to speak with you to hammer out the possibility of a series of threads going from the conception of the idea to completion and eventual cloning of the resulting species (which would end up with its own Codex Sub).

Anyone interested?


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Thank you. If I can't find one or at least in the field I'm looking for I may need to use the NPC. [member="Captain Larraq"]

There's always heresy. [member="Rolf Amsel"]

Two half Arkanians. I could work with [member="Titan"] without a problem. Any work or developments with [member="Darth Sarcophago"] would have to be done in secret due in part to Amelia being part of the FWC and Alderaan having its own problems with the Sith.

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