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Ark Industries

Matho Healb

Raven's Ark General - Katzbalger Class
Corporation Name: Ark Industries
Headquarters: Raven Prime
Locations: Raven Prime - Main Factory, Csilla - R&D Facility
Operations: Ark Industries manufactures Weapons, Ships, and various other military equipment.
Rationale: When Matho was inducted into the Ravens, he made a name for himself by showing up the top squad frequently throughout his career. When the leader of The Ravens passed away, the obvious choice to take up leadership of the company was Matho Healb.

Tier: 2

Description: Ark Industries, at its core, is dedicated to exemplary customer service and superior products. This is done by limiting most of the manufacturing to the homeworld of The Ravens; Raven Prime. Much of the minerals needed to construct Durasteel is native to the planet, with rarer materials being imported as needed. Ark Industries has two distinct branches; Weapons and Equipment. The Equipment division is the largest, being the sole reason why a section of Csilla was used for an R&D facility. Second in size is the Weapons division, in which all designs are taken from the minds of The Ravens themselves. This leads to weapons designed by soldiers, for soldiers, offering a great alternative to other widely available designs.

These services are offered galaxy-wide, but the target customer would be someone involved in military action. Major factions, mercenaries, bounty hunters, the like. The weapons line appeals to the soldiers of these companies and factions, stating the plain facts that some tech geek in a lab doesn't know what kind of standards soldiers in the poodoo deal with. Finally, the equipment line appeals to both soldiers and leaders alike, as with advanced equipment for your soldiers comes with greater strength of your forces.

The widest available weapons line is the Khopesh line. These weapons focused on simple, yet effective designs that could be purchased in bulk at relatively low prices. Khopesh weapons could be quickly disassembled, even while under fire, to fix any issues that tended to affect the Khopesh line. Usually excessive sand and exposure lead to jamming of the trigger mechanism.

Khmali, the second line of weaponry is currently in development. This will be complete by the end of the fourth fiscal quarter, and boast many improvements over the Khopesh line. These improvements include more reliable weapon cases, as well as a wider variety of aftermarket modifications available directly from Ark Industries.
@[member="Matho Healb"] Hey, companies start out at Tier 2 not Tier 3.

Make this edit, as well as explain a little more on exactly what you're making. You also can't create any large ships yet at the size of your company. I'm going to need to see that taken out, as a start up isn't going to develop Star Destroyers.

Matho Healb

Raven's Ark General - Katzbalger Class
Updated. Tier set to 2 from 3. Removed mention of shipbuilding services. Added information on weapon lines.

@[member="Darron Wraith"]

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