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Ariel Tull, Jedi Padawan

Ariel Tull

NAME: Ariel Tull

FACTION: Ehhh. Jedi?

RANK: Paddie


AGE: Enough . . . maybe

SEX: Nope. I mean, female.

HEIGHT: A couple smidgen's more than normal

WEIGHT: A couple smidgen's more than I should.

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Auburn

SKIN: Not very tan at all D:



+Forcie: Got the woosh, bam, badoosh stuff in my head.

-Young: I'm not a bad worker, I just don't have any job experience. Totally different thing. Jedi-ing can't be that bad.
-Flutterbug: Everybody's so focused. Sometimes you gotta just take it all in. All the little butterflies and flowers. 



Look at cartoon me! I'm so cute!


Typical Jedi biz I guess. Mommy and Daddy were great, long as I knew them. Let me go to the Jedi when they figured I had the gift. It was sad. I hated leaving them. Still miss them sometimes, but it's better this way. Those with the gift often attract trouble, and they don't need any trouble.

The temple was peaceful. I learned a lot, like how to pick up rocks without touching them. How to suggest things to people even though I'm awkward by touching their brains. How to move really fast, push really hard. Even how to swing a humming energy tube around without giving yourself stun welts. But there's still a lot more for me to figure out. I'm done learning in a classroom, I need to get out there! I'm ready to learn from a master, to become a knight, to build a lightsaber, to touch people's hearts. So please, pick me? I promise I'll do my best.


None, but when I turn . . . no, I'll still need money.


The mood. Yeaaaaaaah. I'm super smooth.


I'm more of a Tide girl.


ROLE-PLAYS: Ariel begins her journey to Knighthood.

Ariel Tull

[member="Siobhan Kerrigan"]

Awkward middle school phase, but that was totally me. I did a little cleanse and came out a new gir- woman. Hoping this works out a little better.

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