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Arianna Organa

Arianna Organa

Queen Mother
NAME: Arianna Organa
FACTION: The Republic
RANK: Queen of Alderaan
AGE: 42
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'5.
WEIGHT: 135.
EYES: Brown.
HAIR: Brown with blonde.
SKIN: Peachy.

Can sense those close to her, family


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Dedicated to family
-very vocal about her opinion
-does not consider consequences before reacting
+loves history
+has a strong curiosity
A woman of a short stature of 5'7, long blonde auburn tresses hang about her shoulders. Her eyes deep dark brown, her gaze steady. She holds herself with great poise.


Two nights defined Arianna's life, the night was when her parents were killed and her surviving family split between the far reaches of the galaxy. Her sister Rianna back to the Jedi Order, her sister Maeve to some unknown place, and Arianna to Corellia to be raised from the age of 5 by the family of Aaron and Tabitha Darklighter.

The Second night was a night that she broke free of her parents causing havoc and forgetting that she was in hiding. Her family was not pleased and wanted to send her to military school or to study politics.

Her life on Corellia was one of a woman raised in an elite society. Her adopted parents ensured she had the finest education a the Corellia School of Fine arts. A woman of a family which required she know how to present herself, and represent them in public. Not far different from the education she would have received had she been raised on Alderaan. But as any girl transitioning from child to woman she got in her fair amount of trouble, parties to the early morning, late to classes more times than she could count, or would tell.

Arianna knew she had to go to school, she knew she needed to know politics she returned to school receiving another degree in Political Science. Arianna knew she was not a warrior but she could use her talents to work for the Republic.

And now with the changes that have taken place on Alderaan once again she finds herself looking over her shoulder, would she lose her family again? What was it about the Queen of Alderaan that made her blood run cold, and how long would it take before the families realized they needed to change. As fate would have it it would not take the nobles of Alderaan but only destiny. The Queen was gone, it was said she was dead and never returning. Now some tried to sift through the things that had been done, trying to restore the old ways.

Arianna knew the conscript of their young people needed to be abolished, that the restoration of the arts programs, and natural order of Alderaan to be restored. But did they need to consider defense, even though the Republic might come to their aid, history told Arianna sometimes help could not arrive in time.

The time for change had come, and House Organa would be there.

There was one incident in her past once she had returned to Alderaan taking a trip back to Corellia to visit her adopted parents, and make a deal with Bespin. Arianna was kidnapped. She was held for ransom for a week before being found by Garith Darkhold. A chance meeting that affected the rest of her life.



With Eyes Wide Open - A failed kidnap attempt leave Arianna in the company of Garith Darkhold. As they made for their escape the ship was damaged and crash landed on a planet somewhere between Corellia and Alderaan. It is over a year before they are rescued. The result Arianna is pregnant with Faith and Theo. Other consequences of that time are revealed later.

Do you Remember - It is years later when Arianna comes face to face with Garith Darkhold, and what he tells her, and she tells him could only be done here.

Arianna Organa

Queen Mother
Noble houses of Alderaan

House Organa

Arianna Organa – Queen of Alderaan
Alyesa Organa - CEO of Incom
Faith Balor – Senator of Alderaan
Dar’yaim Balor
Theodosius Organa
Rianna Ar’klim – Duchess
Ordo – Duke
Claire Organa

House Panteer

Lisbeth Panteer
Anastacia Fa’leen

House Rist

Thalia Rist

House Serrus

Benedali Serrus

House Thul

Elaine Thul

House Alde

Trevor Alde

House Gaultier

Lady Invicta Zambrano
Lady Inir VaTelshar Girard-Gaultier - Mother
Lord Demonis Aralin Beryc Gaultier - Father
Demonis Aralin Beryc Gaultier II - Older Brother
Erebos Telasin Gaultier - Older Brother (deceased)
Phyrion Soltus Gaultier - Older Brother
Inara Sollé Gaultier - Identical Twin
Chiari T'alix Gaultier - Younger Sister

Canon Names of the Noble houses - Alde, Antilles, Baliss, Cortess, Frayus, Girard, Killesa, Organa, Panteer, Quel-Nosh, Rist, Serrus, Syrush, Teraan, Teral, Thul, Ulgo. Howevre anyone can create a noble house.