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Approved Starship Argent Dawn

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Intent: To create a new starship for Alexandra.

Image Source: Original

Canon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions: N/A

Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: Theed Hangar, Firemane Industries, Silk Holdings, and Armatech Industries

Model: Firearm Assault Star Defender

Affiliation: Alexandra Morrow, The Galactic Alliance, Firemane Industries, Armatech Industries, Theed Hangar

Production: Unique

Material: Solarium Glasteel, Honey-Combed Alusteel Framing, Durasteel Sub-Hull, Durasteel Secondary Hull


Classification: Assault Star Defender

Length: 2000 meters

Width: 700 meters

Height: 500 meters

Armament: Extreme

Defenses: Extreme
  • Advanced Military Grade Shields (primary generators)
  • Retribution Feedback Shield (outermost shield, deployed through either set of generators)
  • Armored Hull
  • Redundant Structural Integrity Field Generators
  • Standard Military Grade Shields (secondary generators)

Hangar: None

Maneuverability Rating: Low

Speed Rating: Average (Low with towed sensor array deployed)

Hyperdrive Class: .5 (Secondary 10)


  • Extreme Defensive Systems
  • Extreme Forward Offensive Arc
  • Heavy Anti-Fighter/Ordinance Systems
  • Advanced Sensor Systems

  • Limited Rear Weaponry
  • No Fighter Support
  • Limited Marine Compliment
  • Slower speed when towed sensor array is deployed
  • Massive power signature: the sheer amount of reactors and their size renders this ship quite easy to spot on sensors
  • Reactor Overload: With the number of reactors on this ship, it is easier to damage or cripple one once past the shields and armor

Description: With the Galactic Alliances war with the First Order continuing to grow, Alexandra Morrow decided that she needed a ship to be able to tear through enemy formations. Together with engineers from Firemane Industries, Armatech Industries, Silk Holdings, and Theed Hangar, Lexi designed a ship that maximized offensive and defensive power, while sacrificing any hangar compliment, and a large portion of what would be a standard marine compliment. This leaves the ship relatively vulnerable to boarding, should the boarders get through the defensive fire. Due to the necessities of ship design, the rear arc of the ship is defended only lightly, with no capital weapons facing the rear. This leaves the engines and reactors defended by only the anti-fighter/ordinance weapons, shields, and armor. All in all, this ship was designed to get into a fight and end it as quickly as possible. For protracted fights, this ship would need the assistance of other capital and sub-capital ships.

This ship is designed to detect enemy vessels, and deal increasing amounts of damage as it closes with the enemy. Once it gets into optimal range, it can employ its energy siphon cannon to both drain the shields of the enemy and maintain shield integrity for its own systems. At the optimal range, this ship is meant to cut through shields, and wreck enemy ships quickly with energy weapons. While this makes it independent of munitions, it does give it an envelope of battle time, as continuous use of all main weapons can lead to reactor overloads and weapons system shut downs.

I have updated the weaknesses with 2 new ones, easy to spot on sensors because of the power signature, and a higher chance to damage/cripple a reactor due to the large number of them.
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