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Are you truly lost among the stars?

Dar'yaim Balor

Bent But Unbowed
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[SIZE=9pt]Coruscant was taken by the Sith? The brief moment of surprise threw the images of speculation of just how much the galaxy was now in control of the galaxy. Was there anyone left to fight the Sith? “I don’t know if I should go to Atrisia”, going to another hostile planet did not sound entertaining to him at the moment. “Maybe I should try to get home first”, he laughed. [/SIZE]

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
[member="Dar'yaim Balor"]

"Yes I think you should try home first, see your Grandmother, and Great Aunt, and any other family member that has shared in the grief and thought that you were gone." Faith had something that Ember would not have, another chance with her child.

She half smiled, "I have missed you" she more than missed him, "my son...Bud. What would you like to do first when we leave here?"