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Arabella Darkhold

Arabella Darkhold

Daddy's Princess in Pink
NAME: Arabella Darkhold
RANK: Sith Knight
SPECIES: believed to be human
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
EYES: colbalt blue
HAIR: Brown.
SKIN: fair


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Is on the path of becoming an inquisitor she has learned

Anger blinds her to reason
Childlike when the sense of an adult is needed.

Loyal to a fault to only a few people the rest she'd rather see burn
Seems perfectly normal around anyone


Arabella is tall, with long auburn hair to the shoulders, slender but not fragile. She wears whatever catches her fancy sometimes it is an outfit that hides everything from her neck to her ankles, other times it is as revealing as if she walked about naked. She has striking cobalt blue eyes, with a fair complexion. She likes to wear heels as they make her seem taller, and she thinks makes her an imposing figure.


Parentage is unknown, the only person that does know is Togashi Yokuni (aka Garith Darkhold). He has raised her teaching her, and providing teachers for her. She is a young woman of 19 when she chose a path that he supported.

Arabella is often childlike, and then as though a switch has flipped she becomes distant almost cold. There are few that understand her, only perhaps the man she calls father, knows her better. Her father is often her confidant and director of her steps. She knows she has much to learn from the galaxy at large, and seeks to step out from behind the shadows of her father and find her out who is her mother. What is the secret behind who her mother is, or is all of this made up in her mind.

Arabella often times day dreams about what it is she is, is she sithspawn and Garith has not told her, is the the product of some clandestine relationship, or was she just left by the wayside like forgotten trash. Her anger often rises up prompting her to ravage, and destroy everything in her path. Her skills are still growing she seeks teachers often for what they can pass on to her.

She has been taught to walk like a high born woman of culture of and wealth, she smiles at all the right words bows when expected but harbors the darkness behind her cobalt blue eyes when the darkness builds within her her eyes turn black.

After years of staying on Atrisia to care for the estates of her Father Arabella once again ventures into the galaxy bored with waiting for adventure to happen she seeks to make her own. One of the first things her father shares with her is the identity of her mother. A woman that he had spent over a year with stranded on an unnamed planet, a woman who rose to power on a small well known planet, a Queen - Arianna Organa. With this news comes the addition of a siblings.

Arabella not plots to find out how this news can be of a benefit to her position. Time will tell.

Sith Infiltrator named Dark Destiny