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Name: Aquilina
Species: Nagai
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Gray color Silver tent
Hair: Red Dyed Dreaded to a Notty look
Age: 20
Planet: Apparently Raised on Corscuant
SKIN: Pink ish

Bio: After becoming assassins, and marksmen for the Republic, Aquilina's brother was lost in the Invasion of O'reen. They were extremely close, and were the only Nagai here on the Republic capital they knew. Now she searches for her brothers where abouts, hoping he's still alive. Her skin is colored more from the constant training out doors with her energy bow, giving her skin a darker look. She constantly dyes her hair red,

Emotional: Sometimes her emotions get in her way and she makes poor choices.
Small: Though this can help her its makes her not that strong, and a easy to fight physically.

DEAD EYE: With her bow only she almost never misses a shot.
Swordwoman: She's a expert in melee fighting in blades, as is custom to her race.
Beauty: She is amazingly beautiful, which she can use to her advantage.

Energy Bow (not sure what its called but its the same thing as used on the clone wars episode with Nighsisters)
Blaster pistol
Special Short Sword given to her by her Brother.
(Lightsaber resistant)

Ship: None