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Apathy is the Way To Success(Darron Wraith)

Diana sit in the middle of the courtyard of the Jedi Temple on Tython, in her lap was a small datapad with the page of a book displayed. Her eyes were downcast on the small electronic device and her pupils slowly scanned line by line as she read the page. Every once in a while the small device would flash and the page would change. The pages flew by quite quickly as the young Jedi Padawan read her novel.

Around her there was a bustle of activity, Jedi Knights, Padawans, and even Masters moved around the courtyard doing different things. Most Padawans were training or gossiping with one another, speaking so loudly almost to the point of yelling. Diana looked up at the other padawans a few times, a glare showing on her face as she attempted to wordlessly silence the other apprentices. All she wanted was some peace and quiet while she read out in the sun, was that too much to ask?

After a few seconds the other padawans noticed Diana's threatening stare and sheepishly moved away and out of the courtyard. She let out a soft sigh and returned to reading her novel. Supposedly she was out here waiting for her new master, though quite honestly she didn't care one way or another if he or she showed up.

Such was Diana's life, peace and quiet were hard to find, and other things she enjoyed even less so. Slowly Diana kept on reading her book, this time however the Courtyard began to clear of the people within it. Slowly the remaining Padawans, Knights, and Masters removed themselves from the open space and returned into the temple. Diana didn't know why, though she didn't really care either. What she did not notice of course was the rain clouds spawning above her.

Slowly a soft drizzle began to fall from the sky, Diana being so engorged in her book failed to notice.
@[member="Diana Moridena"]

Rain on Tython wasn't anything out of the ordinary, and the slow drizzle that had brought him inside along with all the Jedi in the area. It wasn't enough to break up the training, but the day was nearing lunch, and their instructors were feeling lenient. Wraith wasn't among the group, he had just left a meeting on the fate of a Sith Lord who had turned himself in. This had been an ongoing issue, and the troubles along the borders between the Republic and the Empire had been reason enough for him to come back to Tython. The Jedi weren't rapidly growing in number, and trainers weren't numerous to begin with.

So he had agreed to take one.

Being late wasn't anything to fret over when dealing with a potential student. It was simply part of the learning process, and when someone get a Master as busy as Darron...well they had to deal with it. Curt nods and short bows were exchanged as he made his way to the area he was supposed to meet his pupil, well future one. The dossier he had been given was short, but he had had little time to read up on her. Okay Wraith, look for a Kiffar female who's not sociable. The thought repeated itself like a mantra, and he soon made his way to his destination.

Well this won't be hard, he mused to himself. Walking out from under the cieling, the water made slight metallic sounds as it bounced against his chest piece and bracers. She was completely engrossed in her datapad, and he couldn't help but get a chuckle out of it. Coming to a halt a few feet away, he kept his hands relaxed at his sides as he spoke. " @[member="Diana Moridena"], you know it's raining right? Care to come follow me for a bit? I'm the Jedi Master assigned to train you. My name is Darron Wraith." A gloved hand extended to help her up and for greetings.
Diana finally snapped back into reality as she heard a voice speak directly to her. It was a voice that she had never heard before, but one that seemed strangely soothing. Her head snapped upwards almost immediately and she looked at the gracefully aging Jedi Master. A frown appeared on her face as she quickly studied him.

She could tell that he was experienced in combat, the scars lining his body told him so. He had a gentleness in the eye that told her he had qualities of the Jedi, though there was a glint of true malice behind the veil. He had killed before, she could tell that almost in an instant. Diana's frown did not disappear, instead she simply stared at him with a blankess in her eyes. Finally after a solid minute of silence Diana reached up and grabbed his hand.

Slowly she pulled herself upwards from the small rock wall that she had sat on using his hand as a jumping off point. Finally she stood eye to eye with him, and only then did she speak. “I was not aware it was raining, I had lost myself in my book.”

That much was true, though now that she felt the raindrops she realized how foolish she had been. “Lead away Master Wraith.”

The words came from her listlessly, it was apparent that Diana hardly had faith in her New Jedi Master. It wasn't that she doubted his abilities, or that she doubted his want to train it, it was more that she did not really care to learn. Apathy plagued her like the worst of diseases, and as she readied herself to follow the Jedi Master it was more than apparent that she did not care at all for this.
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Walking back under the roof of the Order, a scene played in Darron's mind. This wasn't the first time he had strolled up to a Padawan that had been assigned to him. Years of training others had painted the appropriate sequence of events directly onto his brain. In his mind's eye, he saw Diana gleefully following him. His senses would pick up on her joy, her elation. There would be a few minutes non-stop questions, and he would answer them with a smile. They would talk for a few moments, he would learn a bit about his new student while laying down a few of his own rules. Of course the Padawan would be thrown for a loop by how informal he was, and how he preferred to dive straight into learning abilities.

It was so ingrained on his mind that for a few seconds he just imagined a wonderful conversation. Then reality, and it's silence came upon him. Not a word was said after she told him to "lead away," and he said nothing out of confusion for a few moments. Maybe she's shy, he thought to himself? Realizing he didn't exactly look like the loving healers who would nurture whoever came to see them, he gave her the benefit of the doubt as they quietly made their way down the halls. It all felt wrong, but Darron tried to not let his senses extend outward to feel for emotional state.

Walking into one of the training rooms, his field of responsibility did stretch out.

Instead of feeling all the emotions he was used to, he felt apathy. Pure apathy. He didn't stop walking until he reached the center of the room, and motioned for Diana to take a seat across from him. Quickly setting himself down, he crossed his legs over each other in a meditative stance and straightened his back. Another moment of silence passed, then he broke it.

"I've done this a few years, and I've never met someone so...whats the word I'm looking for?" He pondered a moment before continuing. "You seem to not be here. Why is this?"
Darrons question caught her off guard for only a split second. She had been asked the same question before, but usually it took time for people to get to know her and finally realize just how powerful her apathy was. She frowned slightly, usually she lied and said that her head was elsewhere, but right now that hardly seemed appropriate. She remained quiet for a second, sitting down in front of the Jedi Master while taking careful measure to maintain eye contact.

“I Find it difficult to care.” That was the harshest truth of Diana, she did not care. She knew right from wrong, she knew evil from good, and she knew that innocents throughout the galaxy suffered. She would of course always do something for those she could. She would protect innocents from those who would do them harm. She would fight Sith Masters that were stealing from the Order. She would do everything she could to stop evil, but that was just it, she could not do everything. She was not an infinite wall against evil, she was only one girl.

It was these overwhelming odds that caused Diana not to care. She knew that even if she tried she could not stop it all, in fact she doubted even the Jedi order could. To her, there simply was no point in the grand scheme of things.

Diana looked at her master and gave a shrug.

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