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Apache Rose (WIP)

Apache Rose

[SIZE=18pt]Apache Rose[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]NAME:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Apache Rose
FACTION: Shapers of Kro Var
RANK: Initiate
AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 140 lbs
EYES: Emerald
HAIR: Bald
SKIN: Tanned


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

[SIZE=10pt]Diplomacy: Apache has spent most of his life in a non-aggressive manner, thus he has learned to diffuse a situation with strategies other than violence, this has given him a sense of emotional direction and how to lead a conversation away from weapons.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Martial Training: Diplomacy and peacekeeping aside, Apache has trained extensively in defensive arts, he is trained in hand to hand combat, melee combat, and close quarters ranged combat. He resorts to violence when no other options are available, though prefers to keep peace whenever possible. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Acrobatics: The young non-aggressor has been doing acrobatic training since he was employed by the casinos. He is able to manipulate his body as though he were dancing during combat. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=10pt]Tenacity: Apache feels as though no case should be left unsolved, and thus he would likely be prone to getting himself into situations where he is going against what should be done for the mission to do what should be done morally, but so far he has tended to be a hermit. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Poverty: Apache Rose has taken a sort of vow of poverty, claiming he will only keep enough money to make it from planet to planet and sustain himself, all other acquired credits will go to charities or family, this limits his armory and his wardrobe, most of the time he wears the same ceremonial garb.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Unable to fly starship: The vagrant planet hopper has never actually learned to fly any spacecraft, thus limiting his ability to get around.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Celibacy: Rose has made a personal vow to never allow himself to succumb to bodily desire, keeping his passions reserved for the arts and a good book. [/SIZE]

They burn fuel that could be used to power much more needed things.

For a growing Apache Rose, not even his given name, poverty was the highest tier of society he could ever hope to achieve. The young boy had run away from home at a very young age only to come across some eager casino owners, they offered to give the kid whatever he wanted if he came with them, and at the young age of six Sedonis Halex was no more, the two casino owners renamed him Apache Rose after a local legend of a famous warrior prince who killed a Rancor who was terrorizing the town.

[SIZE=10pt]For the first few years the name change was all the guys forced on the boy, otherwise they treated him to whatever he needed and wanted, he grew up big and strong, well educated, and quite eager to learn the gymnastics they were teaching him, little did he know it was all built on lies. When Apache was ten years old they started teaching him how to incorporate glowing poi into his routine, thus starting the capitalist machine and feeding the boy straight to it. It wasn’t six months later they had him on the casino floor providing ‘entertainment’ to the travelers who spent their hard earned credits fueling the very machine that was eating the boy alive. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]They groomed him to become the next great performer, taking the reins from the other ‘child star’ the casino produced, Kyle Krafton, some has-been performer that made it big after getting kidnapped by the casino and learning his side show craft. That was when the child’s life would change forever, it wasn’t very noticeable at first but it would snowball into a catastrophe that he wouldn’t be able to get himself out of. It was a holiday evening when it happened, they were putting on a special show for the patrons, they hired alien dancers who brought their own equipment, some of them wielding fire poi, others swinging their hips around violently, chasing themselves against a circular ring of fire, little did he know these space tramps would soon attempt to rob the casino blind, but in those moments he saw his future unfolding before his eyes. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]After the harpies were executed and the casino resumed regular business, Apache spoke up about his desire to learn how to incorporate fire into his routine, something in his veins itched to be around those tickling flames, they licked his every thought, set all his dreams ablaze, and razed every other ambition he had to the ground, the young boy became fascinated with the idea of fire. The owner eventually gave in and allowed him to train with the fire, though he had to do it away from the casino in case he got in over his head. There was a trainer on site and he taught the boy how to manipulate the fire around his body like they were dancing together instead of around each other, the fire burned the air and purified it, giving the trainee perfect clarity while he was spinning fire. He instantly fell in love with the rush and started practicing as much as possible.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]It has been many years of training that led up to the destruction that caused him to vow never to use fire as a tool again until he learned to control his want for it. It was then that he learned his true potential and stumbled upon the beginning to a very long and winding story he would follow to find his true inner peace, allowing his inner flame to burn eternally. [/SIZE]

No PC kills.



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