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Character Aoife Lyons


NAME: Aoife Cardobell Lyons

FACTION: Silver Jedi Order

RANK: Padawan/Brat


AGE: 14

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5ft 3

WEIGHT: 45kg

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Dirty blonde

SKIN: White


+ Resourcefulness: Aoife has lived with traders on the lowest rungs of the Keldooine economy. She's developed a definite sense of resourcefulness, whether it's finding substitutes for equipment she might need, to patching together something out of the cheapest, flimsiest parts and somehow managing to make it work. Most of Aoife's work seems to run on spit and hope, but somehow it manages to run.

+ Positive: Aoife is relentlessly optimistic and looks on the bright side of things all the time. Peppy, cheerful and playful, sometimes annoyingly so.

+ People Person: Aoife makes friends easily and loves to meet new people.

+ Quick-minded: Aoife thinks, speaks and acts quickly. It mades her clever, funny... and a teeny bit too reckless.

+/- Troublemaker: Aoife likes to cause a little mischief and mayhem, when she can. Nothing major, but she likes to make people laugh and bring puffed-up, superior people down to Ear... down to whatever ground level of a planet she's on. This does not suit well for strict hierarchies.

-: Reckless: Aoife is young and hasn't faced much in the way of true danger in her life. Her resourcefulness and general attitude leads her to take risks without properly assessing the situation at hand.

-: Youth/Inexperience: Aoife is a young, teenage girl and has experienced little outside her own particular family circumstances. She knows little of what's going on in the Galaxy, outside of her own particular planet, and has little training in anything but what her limited education has brought her.

-: Stubborn: Aoife was always headstrong throughout her childhood. As a teenager, coming into her apprenticeship in using the Force? Yeah, sometimes she just gets a little bit too bull-headed.

Aoife is a slender, sprightly girl that is just a little bit shorter than average. She has fair skin, with long dirty-blonde hair that frames her face. She tends to have a smirk plastered across it most of the time, with dimples that've worn in there through constant grins and giggles. She has a small scar on her right eyebrow from an accident involving trading shuttle door and an overcharged door capacitor lock (don't ask).

Aoife is the daughter of a pair of electronics and junk traders on Keldooine. Positioned on the edge of Hutt Space, the planet still served as a small gateway to some of the worlds that were rife with organised crime. Keldooine was close enough to profit in some way, whilst being distant enough to ensure some level of safety. Her parents were never truly comfortable by any means, but they earned enough to get by.

Aoife grew up around her parent's shop. She picked up their skills pretty quickly, sitting with her mother in her workshop and helping her father out on the counter, haggling with pilots, smugglers and agents of small companies. Aoife developed a quick tongue and a charming personality, able to wrinkle a few extra credits out of customers with a smirk, a chuckle and a funny comment at the right moment. When she wasn't being raised in the tricks of the trade, she was exploring the mish-mash of junkyards and buildings with a group of other kids. They explored the towns that they lived in, snuck into cheap shipyards and even wired up their own basic hideouts, hidden away in the warrens around their homes.

Aoife noticed she was beginning to have... strange things happen around her. And not just in the usual way teenage girls do. Objects around the workshop would leap into her hand at just a thought, more and more often. She had a vague sense of things happening in advance, that grew more and more distinct the more dangerous it was. Once, she sensed a ship crashing onto the planet just before it happened. Sometimes, she could leap so much further than her friends without even realising, dashing up a wall a bit too far than was really possible. Her parents talked and talked, fretting about what their daughter was starting to display, worried about what it might mean for her. Eventually, they decided they had to do something.

After a talk with Aoife, they contacted the Silver Jedi Order and made them aware of Aoife's Force sensitivity, giving her the opportunity to be trained.

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