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Any one want a commando droid


The original commando droid with a hat
Since the group i was with originally has since disbanded I decided that this droid needs some love
Will anyone like to rp with my none jawa character

Droids are friends, despite that Hala hates them IC.

[member="Zaiden James-Greyson"]

Yeah dude, feel free to jump in any of our threads and jump into the page and poke around. We got some sweet stuff kickin' around.


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)

It's unfortunate to hear that the latest Confederacy disbanded, the Metal Lords have been watching it with great interest, I even reached out Rog-R previously, there are still droids out there willing to band with you, if you are willing to become the lord and master of your own destiny, whether it involves organics or not, or help others along their path.


The original commando droid with a hat
Yeah CIS resurgence had some problems mainly with continuity and moral
But in a sense i am kinda glad cis resurgence died since after that day i got more involved with this community

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