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Antithesis Campaign - Homeworld

X <- Play me before reading

Two weeks ago, Pitann 31DA Expedition

[SIZE=11pt]"They came with such hope. I led them here, promised them a new home. A world which they could mold, explore and call their own."[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]They were flawed my dear, just as misguided as you ideals. When will you learn it is only through suffering, pain and loss that life may grow.[/SIZE]

Present day, Pitann 31DA Expedition

[SIZE=11pt]What happen to them, why can I no longer feel them. Did you take them from me?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]If any are not extinct, they soon will be. Their pathetic existence extinguished and replaced by my creations. My Children now sleep on your precious world. I have wiped it clean your mistakes. Honestly did you think that they would survive? I promise you few will survive what is coming, I will create them all in my image…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]I will stop you…[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]You will try, shame you have no one else left to help you...[/SIZE]

We shall see…
ORC is proud to present the first in a series of fully DM adventures exploring the deep history of the Kathol region and Kathol outback. Our adventure begins with our here with the hex dom of Aing Tii, Pitann and Homeworld…

Yes that is correct a Mysterious system, yes a whole star system has appeared out of thin air. Just weeks after that event the Aing Tii have sent envoy to ORC space.

The call has gone out as well from Pitann, they are under attack and so not think they will last much longer.

This is a call to all fleeters and able bodied men and women, the who sector is in danger and now faces a threat it has not seen in hundreds of years…

Will you answer the call? If so make all possible speed to Kal-Shebbol
Hey this is self led, if you want to make a completely random side story go for it. Just as a head up though this will not be part of the main story arch so not sure we will have any cross over.

Don't want to say to much else other than the force visions are more a story tool than the actual story. I more or less just needed a plot device to get you all together in an IC way.

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