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Antithesis Campaign - Homeworld (Domination of the Aing Tii Hex) OOC

So everyone, our little adventure begins, please feel free to write yourself in as you wish.

Any questions please ask them here or shoot me a DM.

OOC: This will be a self led journey, feel free to write yourself in at anytime. No matter what entrance you have read you find yourself here. Each knowing very little as to why or who now joins you. I will allow everyone to enter and mingle as you want. Have fun with it, be creative and add lore as you wish. More fun to come as we go. Once we have all the players on the stage we will move to the next scene. Welcome to the beginning of the Antithesis Campaign.

[member="The Slave"] | [member="Vaylin"] | [member="AD-Iqatar.13"] | [member="Aria Vale"] | [member="Antherion"] | [member="Boethiah"] | [member="Bethany Kismet"] | [member="Iron Giant"] | [member="Thane Drexel"] | [member="Joza Perl"] | [member="Delila Castillon"] | [member="Dax Fyre"] | [member="Aeshi Tillian"] | [member="Jorus Merrill"] | [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
If any ORC folks want a bit of confrontation (literally anything from fights to the death to mild snark), drop me a line here or on Discord. I may or may not be slow with posts, but I'll link Cryo Chamber music to make up for it.
Looking forward to the thread. :D

Vaylin's likely to be joining with Aria, though if anyone has an interest in writing with Vaylin let me know.

I'll also be dropping in with another character, on the OSL side if that is also of interest to anyone.

Leos Palle

[member="Vaylin"] [member="Aria Vale"]
I can't let Dax have all the fun! If either of you wants a 1v1 I'm game. :)
Cool beans! Just wander upon the scene, Aria will brawl with anyone who doesn't look Primeval happily. I'll be replying after [member="Bryce Bantam"] does his next post.

- [member="Kytra Odran"] - [member="Dax Fyre"] - [member="Vaylin"] -
[member="Kytra Odran"] [member="Dax Fyre"] [member="Aria Vale"]

Sounds like a plan, it's a bit too late here so I'll get to posting as Vaylin in the morning and get her moving towards this.
[member="Dax Fyre"] [member="Kytra Odran"] [member="Vaylin"] [member="Aria Vale"]

My two cents, go ahead and meet up, no reason you can't have a little fore play. Just don't get into anything too heavy till she can jump in.

Still your stories so have fun however.

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