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Anti-Graviton Field Generator (AGFG)

Nicademus Blith

War as a business to end war as a business
Intent: To create an interesting alternative to the canon HIMS
Image Source:N/A
Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)
Manufacturer: Blith-Tech
Model: AGFG Mk.1
Affiliation: Closed Market (Requires marketplace purchase or other contract)
Modularity: N/A
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Durasteel, Electrical Components.

Nullifies the effects of a gravity well generator

The system nullifies the effects of a gravity well generator by emitting anti-gravitons in a field around the ship.

+ Nullifies Gravity Well Generators - This system allows you to bypass gravity well generators, allowing you to jump to hyperspace regardless of any interdictors present

Weaknesses :
- Gravity - As the system relies on nullifying gravitons, the system renders any artificial gravity useless, causing all gravity to be nullified throughout the charging sequence. hope you learned to float.

- Charge - It takes 3 minutes to charge, throughout that, there is no gravity, and the ship is made highly vulnerable by the power draw.

- Power Draw - the system draws a large amount of power during this period, leaving one or more systems severely weakened. (Pick between engines, active defense systems (shields, point defense, etc), and weapons)

- Planetary Gravity - Planetary gravity wells are too strong and the system is useless against them, so much in fact that it can overload the system, causing major damage, if used inside a planetary gravity well.

- Size Restriction - Due to size and power restrictions it cannot be used on anything smaller than 50 meters
The AGFG is a huge development in gravity well circumvention technology, while its weaknesses are unique it provides a much safer way to escape from interdictors than a HIMS, as it does not damage the ship severely as the use of a HIMS does, however it has the unique weakness of completely disabling gravity for the ship it is mounted to, making operating the ship much more difficult than it would otherwise, while you can prepare for this weakness with mag boots, railings, and seat harnesses, it would be ridiculously expensive for larger ships, and most likely too expensive for small time pilots, and using some of these requires the knowledge that you will be using the system in the first place, as interdiction is often unexpected, so it would be difficult to prepare for beforehand, this is only practical on smaller vessels, anything larger would be highly expensive to retrofit to account for this system unless you built the whole ship around it, which would only realistically be practical for blockade runners and other ships of that type.

The system is a new technology, so it has huge power draw needs, and running it will require large amounts of power, severely handicapping one or more systems during the charging phase, which can mean life or death in a combat situation, but the power draw can be directed from certain systems, allowing you to pick and choose what systems go offline, which can be crucial to cater to the advantages and disadvantages of the ship in question.

The system is also rather large, meaning it cannot be mounted to starfighters and the like, and must be mounted to larger vessels of at least 50 meters in length, anything less and the system simply will not have enough power and or space to run properly, this can be a bit of a pain in military situations, as smaller vessels cannot mount the system, where the lack of a gravity generator in the first place would nullify many of the system's weaknesses.

Planetary gravity wells are too powerful for the system to overpower, meaning that this cannot be used to jump within a planetary gravity well, any attempt by the system to do so overwhelms the system, causing the circuit to overload, severely damaging the system if not the ship severely. Using in a planetary gravity well is not recommended.
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Hey, can you fix the Primary Source (N/A will work if there is none).

Also expand on Special Features and Detailed Special Features. For anti-gravity generators, this seems quite slim.

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