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Another Mind to devour

Czerka Asteroid Mining Facility

There were many secret places in the galaxy, some designed to be hidden, while others became secret by time. Once abandon places right on the edges of civilized space quickly fell into obscurity. And as the ages passed by obscurity turned into being forgotten to all but very few. The old czerka mining station was one of these places, left to rot after the end of the jedi civil war that happened a long time ago. Yet despite this the station was all but derelict. There hadn't been any mining since then, and large parts of the facility lacked oxygen and artificial gravity, but some core parts including the hangar bay and a few levels were still up and running.

It was a hideout commonly used by smugglers, pirates and other outlaws that did their best to keep their actions hidden from the general public. Another being that frequented it in his travels was Darth Abyss, the Mindeater. As both Sith lord and career criminal he had made it his job to know things, and knowing about places was part of that.

The metal husk that formerly had been a man stood in the hangar bay, his starfighter standing besides him, the metal ship as motionless as the figure himself. He awaited a group of pirates that had contacted the Prophet, promising a very lucrative offer for goods they had recently acquired. Normally that was the kind of business that he would pass up on middle man, but he hadn't yet dealt with this particular group and he wanted to make sure that they understood how bad of an idea it was to cross him. He was the Prophet after all, and the Prophet's hand was endless.

[member="Sia Ike-Dymo"]
Sia, now being married to Zak had just been knighted. Her first mission was to go undercover as a pirate and meet probably the most infamous Sith ever [member="Darth Abyss"], to say she was nervous was an understatement. She was a mess, but she kept her head she would have boarded a Y-1300, and made her way to the meeting place

She would look in the mirror on board and what she saw frightened her, she didn't she herself. She had put a red wig on as well as using latex makeup she would have reconstructed her face to be discreet, if all went according to plan she would eliminate a huge threat to the whole of the Galaxy.

Sia would then step out and make her way to the cockpit, she felt a bit uneasy as her footsteps echoed off the metal floor and walls. She would make her way to the door and hit the button, the doors would slide open and her co-pilot would slide over and she would take her seat, turning to her companion she would say "Are you ready?" the other woman would simply nod at the young Jedi

With that Sia would pull them back out of hyperspace and make for the hanger.

[member="Darth Abyss"]
Even while the deadly vacuum of space still divided them Abyss could already feel the blinding presence of light on board of the ship. Yet that was nothing to draw a conclusion from already. In his line of work he had stumbled over all kinds of oddities, and smugglers and pirates with a strong connection to the force and the light weren't as rare as one would think. Rare enough to be suspicious, but not to call for a preemptive strike.

It could be a jedi, but the jedi had chosen to meet him under a disguise, under a cloak of lies and deceit alike the one he commonly shrouded himself in. The jedi probably believed such tactics to offer an advantage, but instead they offered him an opportunity to see through the trick while making his enemy believe that he was still ignorant to the truth. Mere words were quite often what could unbalance a jedi, and make them fall in the end.

That was why the first round would be fought with words, small mental daggers probing into the disguise until there would be a hint of truth shining through. The easiest way to do that was to use their weakness for order and compassion, to provoke them with his twisted self until their righteousness made them snap. Once the woman would step into the hangar, she would be meet with the Mindeaters otherworldly voice, followed by an similarly otherworldly echo, the words simply resounding in the room without his metal jaw moving a single time.

"Welcome, a pleasure to finally meet you. Should you or your crew be in need of "refreshments" feel free to see me as your host. We have a quite exquisite collection of various spices and drinks ready for you."

Drugs and drinks were a standard of the underworld, and so the question would be a valuable first indicator of her actual identity.

[member="Sia Ike-Dymo"]
As Sia stepped out of the cockpit she would for the first time be very aware that she had brought a crew of all Jedi, if something did go bad she would have to hope she chose the right crew for the job. She didn't want a repeat of the events at the dawn of the galactic empire. She would make her way to the boarding ramp, as it opened she would make her way off the ship followed by her crew.

As she met the man she would hear his voice and see everything she had heard about him was true, his voice was enough to make any normal person cringe. As drinks and spice were offered she would say "I will take the drink but I would rather not do spice before a business deal." She said as the rest of her crew did the same some accepted both, as she had told them to, she sat at ease. She knew herself as well as her whole crew were armed with their sabers, most had them up their sleeves but some had them elsewhere.

Sia would relax as the drinks and spice were brought to them. She would then look at the man and speak. "What sort of deal did you have in mind?"

[member="Darth Abyss"]
The metal figure snapped with his left, and from a dark corridor a protocol droid carrying a small collection of fine drinks made his way towards the group. Yet Abyss didn't waited for the droid to reach them, beginning a slow walk towards a table with a few chairs placed around it. Now there was little to no doubt about what she was anymore. Her words didn't gave her away, but a crew that all had an aura of light around them was just to unlikely to be just a coincidence. For now he would leave them in the illusion that he was oblivious to their alignment, giving him the advantage of surprise once he made the first real move of this encounter. While he the table came closer the deranged metal being spoke again.

"Depends on the wares you can offer. I can pay in almost all that you could desire. Credits, weapons, slaves, drugs. If it can be found on the black markets of the galaxy then I can get it for you."

It was true, but it was also meant to provoke them. Jedi disliked illegal drugs and weapons, but slaves in particular had shown to reach them on an emotional level. Once the Jedi gave in to emotion they were no threat to his power anymore. Some would become weak and he would simply devour the minds of those. The rest would feel the seducing power of the darkness, and then they wouldn't just fall, they would become those that would march under his command in return for more strength.

[member="Sia Ike-Dymo"]

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