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Another Fine Mess..

It was just another day as Raelynn Jarrus had traveled to Coruscant on a diplomatic mission that had been planned for a while. She wore a pretty white dress under her cloak, with her lightsabers hidden just enough on her belt. Her hair was even pulled back beautifully. Rae wasn't carrying her blasters with her today as she figured they wouldn't be needed. Later she would find otherwise while trying to conceal her identity, but for now, she at least had her lightsabers for protection. Once she arrived to her location, she found who she was looking for and they went inside for their meeting.

The meeting lasted for about an hour or so and then she came out into the square. Little did she know that there were people waiting for her. As soon as she came out, there were five men who had stopped her.

"May I help you gentlemen?"

she asked. The man who seemed to be the leader and was also a Zabrak gave a smirk to her with his hands on his hips.

"We know who you are and we want you to come with us. Don't struggle or resist and everything will be ok."

"I don't think so. I don't fall so easily to lousy tricks like that one."

"Then have it your way.."

he responded. Taking out a deathblade, he ignited it and came towards her. She had no choice now. Raelynn instinctively took out her lightsabers and ignited them preparing for a fight.

~ [member="Guz McGarion"] ~

Guz McGarion

Net Worth: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Guz McGarion, Intergalactic super criminal and handsomest man in the galaxy. A man of his stature and reputation would be mad to go to the city planet of Coruscant, where millions upon millions of people lived in both complete posperity, or the dreadful life of one who spent their money on drugs, women and gambling. However, Guz McGarion was one to indulge in the high life and the fancies and lusts made by every man in the galaxy.

However, it was a lonely life. And while he had very few friends and preferred to keep his own company, he ached for the touch of another, the sense of excitement as he took a partner through the underworld of the galaxy at full throttle.

Today was gonna be his lucky day.

As he made his way through a small square lined with some shadier looking individuals, he spied something. or really, someone.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. With long, pure blonde hair and a face of pure, sweet, soft looking bright skin, and...

A lightsaber? Oh wow, a Jedi.

She was being harassed by a couple of local thugs, probably working for one of the guys looking for him. So he did the only reasonable thing a man of his reputation would do.

"Oi! Heya, fellas, how we all doin' this evenin'? Why bother a young Jedi, probably still a Padawan-" he motioned to himself with a sly smile on his face. A face known by every bounty hunter, Hutt cartel and underground society in the galaxy, "- when you could catch McGarion instead?"

He flipped a blaster from his side and blasted it at the feet of the closest thug, before slipping around on his heel and sprinting away with ease. He hoped they would come after him; he was worth more than most Royalty, after all. His capture would make all of them very wealthy men for the rest of their lives.

But they wouldn't catch him; and he would be with the young lady again momentarily.

| [member="Rae Jarrus"] |
Raelynn was more than ready to slice through these men if they continued forward. When they saw both of her blades, they were shocked for a second, but then started coming towards her. She may have been tiny, but Rae could have easily taken all five guys. Plus when they found that she was using the grand technique of aggressive negotiations, they weren't going to take any of it. The Zabrak's men formed and arc around him and Rae as he took a strike, which she blocked in an X formation. Their blades were locked for quite a while, trying to decide when would be the best time to either make one or the other fall, or over power the other and break the blade lock.

Their position didn't last long before Rae sensed something, yet the Zabrak saw it. He was almost shocked.. he had two of the largest bounties standing right in front of him. Then sensing something was coming, Rae braced herself as the man broke the saber lock, putting his blade away. With that, Rae sheathed her blades and placed them back on her belt, but was ready whenever he decided to go back to fighting. Rae then turned around to see a young man, possibly close to her age. She had no idea what he thought he was doing, but he was getting a ticket to death.

"Men. Move forward! Notch, keep her under watch."

he told to one of the guys in his group. When the young man shot at the Zabrak's feet, he grew furious and didn't waist anytime in going after him. Now Rae was dealing with a man much larger than her. The muscles on his arms were pretty large and she could technically say he towered over her. She wasn't afraid though. He was staring her down, so she started taking a few steps back. He started following her. Now she was getting slightly fearful. He was much larger than Rae. Soon they were sprinting and it didn't take long before he grabbed Rae's arm and pulled her back into a headlock. She wasn't thrilled to say the least as she struggled as much as she could, even though he kept tightening his grip on her.

By the time the young man would come back, the man known as Notch would be dead and Rae would be treating a freshly made scratch on her arm, made by the large man's knife.

~ [member="Guz McGarion"] ~

Guz McGarion

Net Worth: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Guz hadn't had a good old fashioned chase in a while, and the run had burned his legs yet pumped pure adrenaline into his veins. A number of the Zabrak's men had started after the Galactic Super Criminal as he turned tail, dodging between masses of civilians that walked together of differing species. Shoving a Rodian smoking Deathsticks out of the way, he curved a hard corner and ran into a nearby Club, hoping that his pursuers would follow. And surely, they did, though they left one of their men by the entrance in case he came back out the front entrance.


The young man drew his blaster again, hiding it in his jacket as he rolled behind another corner, stroking the cheek of a beautiful blue skinned humanoid lady as he passed, and waited where he was for the rushing of the thugs coming past.

He waited where he stood for just a moment, the blaster in his hand. Two ran past, and one called back for a third, who trailed behind a little slower; a human with a shaved head and many tribal looking tattoos over his head. Guz chuckled as he readied his blaster, before walking from the corner and running into the human, hard, and pulled the trigger in his jacket, the boom of the blaster pistol ringing out in the Club and setting everyone within into shock. Guz smiled in his head as he yelled:

"Terrorists! Thugs, they're armed! They tried to shoot me, help!"

He hoped nobody in the crowd felt that they recognised him as he ran from the club with the rest of the panicked crowd, shoving past the man at the door with the tens of people that were also trying to escape. He made it out without being seen. But the thugs wouldn't be too far behind.

Returning to the square where the beautiful young lady who had already stolen his heart was, he spied her standing over the corpse of the thug named Notch, and where a mass crowd was beginning to run. There was a lot of people running amok, but Guz bee lined straight for the Jedi lass and snagged her hand in his.

"Come along, my dear; we'd be safer anywhere but here; the Official's will be arriving, and if we stick around, they'll have questions for the both of us. We're disappearing!"

Her hand was soft in his. He liked it.

| [member="Rae Jarrus"] |
Rae's newly made injury hadn't been as simple as he took it out and intentionally struck her bicep. He had been taunting her with it, when Raelynn broke away from him and pulled out her lightsabers, knowing that he would resort to violence. He then got up and immediately pulled out a death blade and came rushing towards her. She had been able to dodge him when he initially came running forwards, but as she turned, he struck her just right and caught her bicep.

Rae grunted as her bicep was sliced open quite a bit. It wasn't enough to cut her arm off, but it had created a deep cut and it burned like crazy. Now she had to protect herself and she had no choice. If Raelynn wanted to stay alive, she would have to kill the man and she knew it had to be done. So when he least expected it, Rae stood up from her crouching position regained her footing, set up quickly and then she moved in on him. A flurry of green and purple strikes flew towards him as he was startled and immediately started flailing, just to try and block her strikes.

The young queen's strikes were accurate, smooth, quick and clean; almost professional in comparison to the man's technique of parry and move out of the way. He was very sloppy and it didn't take very long before Raelynn had forced his blade out of his hand and had him on his knee. By this point, he was surrendered and calm, but she turned slightly and he took her foot and tripped her. He then started pulling her towards him, but she then took her blades and shoved them through his chest when she got the chance.

All of a sudden, while Raelynn was trying to fix her wounds, a faint gun shot could be heard and then the roaring of the crowd immediately after. This startled Rae and then she saw the young man from earlier coming straight for her. He took her hand in his and he started running off with her. She was slightly confused and literally taken by him.

"Good enough for me!"

she paused her speech for a second to catch a breath while they ran.

"What technically did you do?"

Raelynn asked. She couldn't help it.. it was her curious nature.

~ [member="Guz McGarion"] ~

Guz McGarion

Net Worth: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Guz slipped into an alley with the young lady's hand in his, stepping over dripping pipes and steam valves going off on every corner. The crowd seemed to rush by behind him as he ran with her in his stride. The alley was dark and dank, and smelled of death, but the two ran on, shoving past a large, round looking, stalk eyed alien who bumbled as they went. He turned to her and smiled cheekily, grinning in the darkness.

"Started a riot, scared the crowd. It'll get them arrested, easily. That's what ya meant, right? Unless you meant, what did I do to be known by them too?" He laughed as he jumped over a sleeping bum and turned another corner into a busy balcony that looked over a thousand meter drop, hundreds of speeders clogging up the sky lanes around them.

"I've done a bit, I'll tell ya that much. But I'll have to tell ya about it when we find a nice, quiet spot to ourselves; I wanna be sure those fellas don't find us."

He looked about and saw a small hostel set in the corner of the block. He pointed it out and led her towards it.

"There. I got a mate inside who'll look after us. We'll be fine there for a few."

| [member="Rae Jarrus"] |
Raelynn almost had a hard time keeping up with the young man, but considering, she did pretty well. She jumped over pipes and she had to leap a little bit of a larger one because when he jumped over the sleeping bum in the streets, he got startled so she had to jump much higher to miss him. When she landed again, she grunted putting a hand to the arm he was holding as her cut had gotten a little worse with running, but they had no time to stop. She dodged the drips of water falling, making sure to keep her cuts as clean as possible. It was better to dodge them anyway, judging the smell of the alleyway. Raelynn had to look back as well when they passed a rather round a slightly freak alien, just to make sure she had truly seen what she thought she had.. her mind wasn't playing tricks on her.

Rae looked to him as he spoke, responding to her questions. She smirked slightly hearing what he had said. He was the definition of a rebel and she liked it. She could see his smile in the darkness that was there. It was more dim lighting than anything, but it was still dark. She returned the smile before responding herself.

"I like it. But yes, that is what I meant. We can fully tell our stories once we find somewhere safe."

She responded. They then turned the corner onto a fairly busy balcony. She looked to her left to see the skyway and a very long drop below them. Rae gave a small smile when he said that they'd talk more once they found a spot to themselves. He then pointed out to a hotel and said that he knew someone there that would take care of them.

"Sounds good to me. I just hope he has a first aid kit?"

she wondered. Raelynn hoped he did, because the pain in her arm was growing and she was making a fist with her other hand because if she was squeezing the young man's hand, she would probably end up crushing it.

~ [member="Guz McGarion"] ~

Guz McGarion

Net Worth: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999
The Intergalactic super criminal felt blood trickle down his hand; warm, seeping blood. Just as she asked about his contact having a first aid kit, he looked to her arm and saw the wound, a deep and uncomfortable looking cut, seeping blood down her arm and onto his hand. He grimaced and nodded to her as they stepped through the open doorway, before softly smiling and softly stroking her small chin in a friendly and flirty reply.

"Don't you worry, kid. I'll getcha patched up. Hey, Joleeda, get me and my young lady here a bottle'a Scrumpet each, and bring some bacta gel and a couple'a wraps, too!" He called out to the Grim looking Zantac behind the counter of the hostel, who growled and nodded as the two moved to a quiet spot at the back of the bar and cheap accommodation. The place was certainly not the cleanest or most well maintained place in the galaxy, but two or three other patrons seemed to be enjoying themselves loudly, and there were keycards missing from the rack of available rooms upstairs. It was a popular spot.

Taking a seat in a grubby booth at the back of the main room where it appeared to be quieter and less populated, the young man allowed her into a seat first before he examined her wound. "Geez, that big fella got a good swipe at you, my dear. We'll get it cleaned up in no time."

A look of surprise cake on his face, and he raised his eyes to meet hers and grinned. "Oh wow, in our urgency, I haven't even been able to introduce myself. Forgive me, beautiful; Guz, at your service. And what did the stars name a cute little lady like yourself?"

As he was saying this, the big Zabrak from the bar was making his way over with a tube of bacta gel, some bandages, and two bottles of a buzzy looking alcoholic beverage.

| [member="Rae Jarrus"] |
Raelynn had started feeling rather guilty that her arm had bled so much. She was embarrassed that it had reached his hand. When he looked to her, she gave him a slightly guilty look. It hadn't exactly been her fault though, she just blamed it on herself. Her arm hadn't really been bleeding until now. She was surprised that it had lasted the way it did for as long as it did. As they walked through the door of the place, she could see it was nothing fancy, but she knew they were safe for now. Rae looked up to see his smile and and she felt his hand on her chin softly, as she gave a small slight smile back as the pain now started registering in her mind.

She heard as he said that he'd help her get patched up and she smiled a touch wider. Rae looked over to the Zabrak behind the counter. He reminded her slightly of Darth Maul, but she pushed that out of her mind for now. The place was loud due to a few drunk friends who decided to make their conversation public. It was also pretty dirty, but not as bad as it could be. At least the seats were clean. They were cleaner than the floors, that's for sure.

Hearing him speak again, she spoke up after he finished.

"Yeah.. he caught me right at the wrong time... ah.. I turned and pulled out my lightsabers and then next thing you know, I guess he got an advantage on me and took it while he had it. If I'd been any slower, I probably would be missing an arm right now."

she responded. Rae watched for the Zabrak to come back with their drinks and the first aid kit, almost impatiently before her attention was at least turned back to the young man who remembered that they hadn't introduced themselves. Rae cursed at herself for being so quiet, but it wasn't uncommon for her to be. She lived alone with the same people for many years.

"I'm Raelynn Jarrus.. the queen of Cularin. But please, call me Rae."

she responded. When telling him that she was the queen, she had to lower her voice slightly, just to make sure only he had known. She then saw the Zabrak with what they asked for and she immediately went for the alcohol. It wasn't her thing but when something hurt you took whatever you could get.

~ [member="Guz McGarion"] ~

Guz McGarion

Net Worth: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Guz McGarion's eyes opened wide.
She was a queen. The Queen of Cularin. Royalty. And she was in his hands.

Personally, the thought sickened him; he hated authority, any who believed themselves to be beyond the common people. And he was known for making those in power suffer; he had sent Hutt Cartel's bankrupt, toppled governments, caused the untimely ends for many politicians and company owners, and once helped in the assassination of an Emperor, however indirect.

Yet he felt something different about the young lady who had caught his eye. She was beautiful, and yet quiet. She had a charm to her silent personality, and she hadn't left him yet. Not to mention that he had found her with a light saber fighting thugs in Coruscant's underbelly. He admired that.

He'd have to wait and see how things played out.

Taking the bandage, he softly wrapped it around her arm after applying some bacta gel to the wound. As he did, he chuckled and answered her. "Oh, forgive me, your majesty. It is an absolute pleasure to make you're acquaintance."

He raised his eyes to hers as he finished wrapping the wound, before lifting her hand to his lips, tenderly giving it a cheeky kiss. "Rae, I like the sound of that."

| [member="Rae Jarrus"] |
When Raelynn introduced herself, Guz seemed to get nervous. She sensed a very nervous, gut wrenching feeling coming from him, that she grew curious and confused. It was a feeling that she herself was very familiar with. Anytime she introduced herself as a queen, she gained quite the reaction, but never one like this. He almost seemed guilty. She understood and she didn't blame him for anything he had done. With the First Order growing the way it was, they took more planets everyday. Raelynn feared that one day they would come for Cularin.

"Is everything ok?"

she asked him. She had literally never seen someone so nervous in front of her before. Rae knew that some people struck out against people like her. Rae had heard the reports of politicians being drained, Hutt cartels, which she didn't care too much for, being destroyed and kingdoms going dry. It was mainly due to people who fought for liberty and justice, which Raelynn fought for as well. She fought for fairness of her people. She truly cared for their well being and they all knew it. She paid common visits to her hospital and she could always be found walking around town with her people checking to make sure everything was in order. Rae thought herself to be one with her people instead of being someone of higher rank than them.

Raelynn was definitely different. She was different from everybody and she chose to be her own person. Rae preferred to have the control over her life rather than the media. The media was so biased these days that she had told them off multiple times to find someone who would play their games, because she wouldn't. So far, it seemed that Guz wasn't one of those people, so she wouldn't leave him. He seemed to be too much of a nice guy to just leave him.

If he had questions about her lightsabers, she would answer them. Rae felt that a guy like this could be trusted. Either way, being a flirt like he was, she figured like her, he would be hurt easily if she rejected something from him. Rae had been injured so many times, but everytime, the application of the gel still hurt and as he applied it to the deep cut on her arm, she took in a sharp breath and it felt like her nails cut through the seat she sat in. As he responded to her introduction, a faint smile appeared on her face, despite the pain she was feeling at the moment.Rae tilted her slightly as he addressed her by her majesty, but he almost seemed to correct himself, when he took her hand and kissed it. Her smile grew wider as she responded.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Guz. I take it you don't run into too much royalty, do you?"

~ [member="Guz McGarion"] ~

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