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Announcements 01/21/14

Selena Halcyon

Jedi Master
Victory on Nar Shaddaa!
Thanks to everyone who participated and supported our invasion of Nar Shaddaa. I know many of us got stranded in space, I'm sorry some of you didn't get to participate as much as they had hoped. However, a massive shout out to those of you who were on the ground. You guys really won this one for us. You guys rock.

Military Initiative
I am making it my goal to see us increase in the number of non-Jedi we have in the faction. Hopefully by mid-February we will have enough of them to make this faction not seem so onesided. After all, there is a lot more to the Republic than just the Jedi. As part of this initiative:

Havoc Squad Reformed!
Hop on over to the military subforum and you'll see that there is a write up for our brand new commando team. Stealing the name from the Old Republic's trooper quest line, this will be our elite group of commandos. This group will kind of be the guys who don't necessarily mesh with normal squads but are still incredibly talented soldiers.

Wraith Squadron To Come:
I will have a write up and be looking for members of Wraith Squadron by the end of the week. Now why Wraith Squadron some might ask as they think of the iconic Rogue Squadron. Simple, I have over the years seen many rogue squadrons rise and fall because quite honestly there is little one can do with just a piloting squadron. With Wraith Squadron you end up with a Special Forces/Black Ops kind of thing that can allow people to RP more diversely but still maintain a piloting aspect.

The Military Initiative does not end with these two things but they are what I am focusing on at the moment. If you have ideas feel free to PM me.

Jedi Stuff:
On the Jedi Side of things we have had a few events happen recently. The Jedi Council has been reformed with all active masters. However, that is probably not even the biggest thing added.

The Jedi Covenant
Something of a secretive wing of the Jedi Order headed up by Tefka, there is a massive write up in the Jedi forums. We are looking for strong Jedi who will not waver in their commitment to the lightside to join its ranks. One thing to keep in mind. It is a secret organization. You wouldn't go talking about how you're a part of it to other people.

Note: While I certainly liked JSC's recommendation to make an announcement forum I've decided to work with this model for now. I am shooting to do a weekly update thread every week, likely on Tuesday night.
The Cyan Blade
Hurray for the Republic! So many great things to come! Congratulations to everyone involved in the improvement of this great RP :D

Dirk Ellerden

Hurrah for more non-Jedi Republic personnel and a rapidly growing faction!