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Animus Vox


Jedi temple ruins, Monastery

Dusk was approaching as Nylea laid her eyes on the ancient temple grounds she had last treaded what seemed like a lifetime ago under the watchful eye of master Kismet, or as she would have wanted, Bethany. To this day the echani often looked back to the time she was still with them- in many ways she aimed to be like her. A kind and compassionate woman who always saw the good in others and as someone who had been saved from the clutches of the Dark side she like no other had an immense amount of respect for that. It was people like her who believed in redemption, and without them she herself would not even have been alive today. Now she came to visit the place where she and others had learned from her when she had only just joined forces with the Order of the Sacred Lotus to bathe in the tranquility it provided.

Long ago, the temple was home to the Order of the Sacred Circle, which in many ways inspired what the Lotus stood for today. Much of their legacy was lost during the Gulag plague but the ancient temple was still there, reclaimed by nature of the course of thousands of years but it still stood, a breathtaking sight that did not look any less beautiful the second time. Even with the arrival of the Confederacy and the changes it had brought to the planet of Monastery, this was a place that remained undisturbed.

When she approached the ruins Nylea ran her fingertips across the wall, feeling the cold stone and for a moment it was all she focussed on, taking in the sheer serenity of the temple grounds as it cleared her mind. Life had not allowed for a breather in some time but now that she was here, she would be able to center herself once more. After taking a few steps away from the wall she went to sit down on the ground, taking a meditative position and closing her eyes. Her presence in the Force was as tranquil as the area around her and with a deep breath she let her fatigue escape her being.

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