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Character Ana Malixar

Ana Malixar



NAME: Anastilla Wandale “Ana” Malixar

FACTION: Sith Eternal



AGE: 19

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 1.7m

WEIGHT: 59kg

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: Light



Atychiphobia: A fear of failure. Ana has been relatively successful throughout life, she has rarely ran into any serious obstacles. A failure to succeed would most likely be crushing for her as she has no significant experience handling adversity.
Arrogant: Since her relocation from the Galaxy’s Core Worlds, Ana has often looked down on those around her. She believes she is capable of practically anything and much more intelligent than most of the individuals around her. It takes a lot to earn her respect. She also doesn’t consider herself to be pretentious and thus she rarely accounts for this flaw.
Competitive: Ana is highly competitive. She expects the best from herself and will strive tirelessly to overcome any obstacles. She’s the best person in the galaxy and is determined to prove that.

Ana stands at a moderate height of 1.7 meters. She’s fairly lightweight and has a pretty light skin tone, because she avoided going outdoors and experiencing Felucia's sunlight as much as possible. Her eyes have a green tone to them and her hair is brown and moderately long. As a result of her affiliation, she has taken to wearing a combination of primarily red and black attire.



Part I: Backstory

Journal Entry 001 - 3rd Taunsday of the Second Month, 861 ABY

Our biotechnology instructor assigned us to keep a journal to track the growth of our Alderaanian flame-lily’s last week. I’ve written all I can about flame-lily’s though so now I am out of assignments to do. Sad. I don’t really even know what to write about here. Talking about yourself seems so pretentious. We had a field trip yesterday. They took us to play bolo-ball. It was depressing really, I don’t understand what self-respecting institution would require us to still take Activity Instruction when you’re fifteen. My diet is more than capable of keeping me fit. It was a horrid experience really, I didn’t understand it at all. They told us we weren’t allowed to tackle, apparently that’s a thing that happens in the “real” games. And then we were divided up into teams and had to get a ball into a goal? Is this what people on Felucia waste their time doing? My classmates made fun of me because apparently I wasn’t very good at it. I just didn’t understand the point. Why were we trying to get the ball into the net? One of my classmates even bloodied his nose diving for the ball. Apparently, that made him a “hero.” I miss real field trips, like going to the Galactic Museum of Arts.

Journal Entry 002 - 1st Primeday of the Third Month, 861 ABY
It was my sixteenth birthday today--I guess that’s supposed to be a big deal, but I really don’t feel it. I hoped to be spending the day at the Galaxies Opera House and Coruscant Museum of Galactic Cultures and then hanging out with friends, like real friends, afterwards and instead, well I’m here. Like Felucia isn’t all bad, observing the Felucian fireflies at night is nice. I just… When we moved I didn’t expect we’d be stuck here like forever. It’s crazy to think that it’s been nearly three years since we left the core. It feels like an eternity ago. I tell myself life is okay, but in reality--I miss it. All of it. The frequent trips off world, the fancy restaurants, the architecture, the museums...the school. I miss the school most. This place is so easy, so boring. Like half the time I feel like the instructors don’t want to be here, like why are you teaching if you don’t want to? It’s so weird. Besides, the stuff we’re learning is a joke. I could do mathematical equations twice this hard. I guess it just feels like my potential is being wasted. It’s frustrating.

Journal Entry 003 - 5th Zhellday of the Third Month, 861 ABY
Do you ever get the feeling that you know something’s going to happen? Like when I planted those flame-lily’s a few months ago--it’s hard to explain but I felt like I could feel their energy, their life-force. Like the second seed felt so strong--full of life. And the third one, well… It was weak and frail. I had this feeling it wasn’t going to survive. Like no amount of biobacta would help it grow or save it. I really did try to keep it alive, but well it died today. All shriveled up and lifeless, it’s sad but that’s just how life works. I went to see my biotechnology instructor after class and asked him about that feeling. He laughed. It was so insulting. It was a valid question. You expect these people to help you nurture and grow but apparently they just don’t care at all. He said it was just a “lucky guess” and that I should move on. It’s frustrating. Like who does he think I am? A lucky guess? What? Does he think I’m a gambler addicted to swoop racing? Ugh. This place is the worst.

Journal Entry 004 - 2nd Primeday of the First Month, 862 ABY
I forgot about this. Another weird thing happened today. Our galactic history professor missed the entire first week of class this year. He came back today and I got this weird feeling from him while sitting there. Like something was wrong, terribly wrong. It felt as though his energy was broken, he was like a dark void--weeping and crying for help. I told my friends about it and they laughed. They said he’d probably just partied too hard during the life day festivities and needed an extra week to recover. I just brushed it off at first, but then I don’t know, I just got curious. I looked him up on the holonet and his spouse died last week in a speeder crash. I’m probably worrying too much about this. Unlike my friends, I actually work hard in these classes. They always make fun of me for being the “teacher’s tooka.” I probably just know him better than them and that’s why I noticed. It’s nothing.

Journal Entry 005 - 6th Centaxday of the Ninth Month, 862 ABY
I think I upset my father today. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do once I finish my instruction and well… I wanted to go back to the core to study. I realize this academy isn’t the greatest, but my scores are really good. Surely I could get accepted somewhere. I think my parents want me to continue my instruction and enter the galaxy of finance or something. But like, if I’m going to do that I need to go to the best academies. Like surely they know I miss it, Felucia hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. I asked my parents about it though and my father was really dismissive. I pressed him on the issue and he kind of snapped. He told me I needed to move on and accept that I’m not going back. He said the core was “way too dangerous.” It doesn’t even make sense. There’s literally Felucian Rippers flying overhead and a Sarlacc less than ten kilometers away from the city. I can handle myself. The core isn’t nearly as dangerous as this backwater hell. Do you ever get the feeling that your parents aren’t telling you something? They said Felucia was a temporary relocation for a few months and yet here we are, years later. Do they think I can’t handle the truth? I’m seventeen.

Journal Entry 006 - 2nd Benduday of the Tenth Month, 862 ABY
I want to enroll in the Imperial Officer’s Academy on Desevro. They’ve been recruiting recently and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I’ve been to Desevro a couple of times and it’s no Coruscant, but it’s certainly not this savage. It wasn’t what I initially had in mind, but since returning to the core is out of the question, I think it might be what I want to do. Like going to a mediocre academy and learning about finance seems so boring. All bankers do is sit at their fancy desks all day and play with credits. That and apparently they get imprisoned on Felucia for no reason. No thank you. It’s different than what I’d planned and it could be challenging, but I feel like it’s a way to make a real difference in the world. Playing with credits may get you rich, but what good does it do for the galaxy? Imperial officer’s can actually make a difference. Besides there should be good upward mobility and I could probably travel. That’s always a positive. Plus one of the administrator’s graduated with my father back in the day, I think he’d recommend me if I asked.

Journal Entry 007 - 4th Taungsday of the First Month, 864 ABY
I haven’t written here in ages. I’ve just been busy. I’m at the Imperial Officer’s Academy now. It started out okay, I guess. But then something happened today. There was a questionnaire during one of the instructions and I don’t know, I just had a feeling. I answered all the questions before I was even given the questionnaire. It was silly, really. I figured my answers would all be wrong and I’d have to change it. But then I got the questionnaire and well… they weren’t wrong. Every single one was correct, so I just turned it in. But then the instructor got mad at me. He accused me of cheating. Like I would never, I don’t even know where to find the questionnaire ahead of time. It wasn’t even planned. How was I supposed to figure out it was coming and cheat? I honestly shouldn’t be surprised. I feel like he’s had it out for me ever since I started here. He’s probably too intimidated by a strong woman to think rationally. Like if anything he should be embarrassed, not me. Maybe he should be less predictable or come up with harder questions. Anyways, they’re threatening to expel me. I have a meeting tomorrow with one of the administrators. This is such a disaster. I don’t know what I’ll do.

Journal Entry 008 - 4th Zhellday of the First Month, 864 ABY
I had a meeting with Assistant Director Carvahous today. He was the person that recommended me to the academy. He certainly wasn’t pleased about the whole ordeal, but he seemed much more reasonable. I just told him the truth. It was weird, the way he reacted. Like he didn’t immediately dismiss me, that was good. But when I told him what I felt, something changed with him. He seemed very… I can’t really explain it, he wasn’t upset, but very resigned and thoughtful, but at the same time a little bit nervous. I don’t know, but anyways I’m not set to be expelled yet. That’s been delayed, I guess. He said I needed to take a “special” test. At first, I thought they would just quiz me over the instruction material in a controlled environment, so they knew I couldn’t cheat. But they didn’t, they took me to the lab and took a blood sample. It was really weird and I’m very confused about it--when I asked him for an explanation, he wouldn’t really give one. Anyways, I can stay for now--at least until the test results come back next week. Apparently they’ll sort it out then.

Journal Entry 009 - 5th Taungsday of the First Month, 864 ABY
The test results came back today and Carvahous scheduled a meeting with me to discuss them. He said my midi-chlorian count was exceptionally high. I asked him what this meant for my time at the officer academy and well, I think I have to transfer. He told me that I was exceptionally gifted and would be transferred to somewhere where they could better hone my skills. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to leave, like sure this place hasn’t been great, but I can persevere through the obstacles. Being an officer was what I planned. But when I brought that up to him, well he made it sound like I didn’t have a choice to stay. The transfer is happening whether I like it or not apparently. He told me that I should be excited, that I was very talented and fortunate to be blessed with something like this. Yet as he told me this, he didn’t really seem excited. More fearful. It was so weird. Anyways, I guess my time here is over. It’s a shame really. I was starting to like Desevro a little bit, but I couldn’t even make it one month at the officer academy. Apparently I should feel blessed and happy about such a thing though.

Journal Entry 010 - 6th Primeday of the First Month, 864 ABY
I’m off to join the Sith. I don’t really know what to think or how to feel. I remember asking my biotechnology instructor about them when I was studying in the core as a child. He seemed to think it was all a bit of a hoax. If I remember right, he called it a quack science. A cult full of fanatics that I shouldn’t worry about. No real scientist wasted their time on such things. It’s insane to think about how far I’ve come. One day I was learning about biobacta technology at one of the best schools in the core and the next day I’m being whisked off to join an organization full of crazy people. It feels like such a disappointment, yet I’m constantly being reassured that this is the greatest opportunity ever... from people who don’t really seem to believe that themselves.







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