Star Wars RP

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An Normal Day... Maybe


Wicker picked up a few sticks as he walked, he was gathering wood as the winter season was nearing Endor and he was here for the week. Wicker was also here because on the last day of the week it was his eldest brother's 100th birthday and there was to be a big feast as Wicker's eldest brother was chieftain of Warret tribe of ewoks. But this worried Wicker, if all his brothers lived to be 500 years old like their father he might be dead by the time it is his chance to become chieftain. Wicker had picked up all the wood he needed and made his way back to the village where he was currently staying was situated.

Kal Voss

Kal was on his way back to the Aurora, where he had hidden her beneath a camo net and some fallen branches. over his shoulder was some strange beast he had killed and planed to eat. the small clearing where his ship was hidden could just be seen through the trees as he made his way along a small dirt path, through dense undergrowth of the forrest planate. the wind had a chill to it and he was looking forward to getting back to his camp, cooking up some food, taking a shower and sleeping.

Suddenly Kal heard something coming up the path behind him, he dived behind a long and drew his plaster, waiting to get a better look at whatever or who ever it was. a short figure appeared carrying a bundle of sticks. kal aimed his blaster at the strange creature as it stopped to sniff the air, almost as if it could smell him.