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Approved Tech Amos & Amor (Sanya Val Swift Lightsabers)

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Sanya Val Lerium

Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

Intent: To create a set of lightsabers for Sanya

Image Source: imgur sanyavl/Sanya le page

Canon Link:

Primary source:

Restricted Mission:N/A
Manufacturer: [member=”Sanya Val Swift”]
Model: Amos (pink) Amor (purple)

Affiliation: [member=”Sanya Val swift”]

Modularity: Crystals, leather, casing, components

Production: unique²

bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse
non-demetrius circuits
Sanya Val Swift Crystal
Kybur crystals (one pink one purple)

Classification: lightsaber
Size: One-handed
Length: hilt 43cm blade 90cm
Weight: 1.8kg

Kybur Crystal

Opila - “When set in a lightsaber's crystal chamber, opila generated an intense blade capable of cutting through most materials quickly.”

Phond - “This crystal produced a fiercely burning lightsaber beam.”

Sanya Val Swift's crystal - “The crystal was a naturally-formed crystal that had forged a bond with the force user” Sanya Val Swift, “resonating with her and her relationship with the Force.The naturally-formed crystal absorbed excess energy from beings who were attuned to the Force. Upon discovery by” Sanya, “the crystal formed a bond with her, and as such, acquired its character and strength from” sanya’s “own relationship with the Force.”

Cannot be effected by cortosis


Epm and ion resistant

Bio metric grip

Hilt lock - both hilts can connect together

Opila - due to the properties of this crystal it allows the saber to cut much faster than most sabers. This let's the user get through blocked doors much faster.

Cortosis resistant - the non-demetrius circuits prevent a lightsaber from been shorted out by objects made by the brittle material called cortosis. For many wielders of lightsabers cortosis is a major problem.

Emp/Ion resistance - the duraplast casing helps protect the internal components of the lightsaber stopping it from been cut off if caught in an emp or struck by ion weapons.

(Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)

The five resistances - these lightsabers have been made to withstand most common situations. The non-demetrius circuits help protect the lightsabers from cortosis. The bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse stops water damage and can allow it to work under water. The duraplast also protects it from emp, ion and lightsabers.

Weaknesses :
(Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)

What it can't stop - like all lightsabers, this cannot stop sonic, scattershot or explosive weapons.

Could be turned off - facing a force user or a well trained combattent it is possible for them to switch the saber off by the switch. The feat would be easier for a force user however. They would also turn off 15 seconds after been dropped or disarmed. Unfortunately for the opponents they would be unable to activate it.


Over time Sanya had become more and more detached from her old lightsabers. They were a reminder of her mistakes and the pain she'd caused in her past. Not only that but they had a constant pull to the dark side. It was a constant battle resisting the pull but it had strengthens her against the pull of dark side nexuses. Now with her planet on the verge of death and her old sabers mostly deconstructed it was time to make a new. The new lightsabers would represent a new leaf to her. They would once more be a symbol to her that she would protect those who need it and bring light to the darkness.

She took great care in crafting these sabers while going through an emotional time of her life. Even though she was in grief and sorrow the sabers were built with the thoughts of love and the happiness in her life. The main casing is made from phrik. Part of the casing that can be seen has engraved pattern to look some what like chain mail. The second layer up us some aurodium with a more elegant pattern added as a personal touch. The grip has been wrapped in a crimson leather.

While both hilts look the same the crystals are different for both. Amos uses a Kybur crystal, Opilia and Phond. The colour of the blade when ignited is a hot pink. Amor uses a Kybur crystal, Opilia and the crystal that sanya has formed a bond with. This blade glows a violet purple. Both blades have been crafted to withstand against the elements. The casing has been sealed so it is water tight as well as using bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse that will allow them to activate under water. Underneath the water seals is a thin layer of Duraplast, this material has natural defence against ion and electromagnetic pulses. Then the non-demetrius circuits that are used.

Unfortunately the lightsaber cannot hold against all types of weapons. Sonic, scatter shot and explosive weapons would still affect the user since sabers have little impact against them. The sabers are also vulnerable to the force. If her opponent is skillful they could turn her sabers off by the switch. The feat is also possible by a highly trained combatant by disarming the sabers from sanya.
Sanya Val Swift said:
Image Source: imgur
This is not a sufficient image source. There are instructions here on how to source images if you need.

The restricted missions and primary source fields from the technology template are also missing, please edit them in.

That should be all.

[member="Sanya Val Swift"]
The artist isn't cited in either image source. Please link to where you found the image if you can't find the artist's name.

Primary source is still missing.

- [member="Sanya Val Swift"] -
That's fine, then.

Please add the primary source field of the template. If there is nothing to put next to it, please add N/A.

[member="Sanya Val Swift"]
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