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Amethyst Atreides

Amethyst Atreides



Social Information

Name: Amethyst Irina Kharel Atreides
Alias: Ame
Homeworld: Lorrd
Current Locale: Unknown
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Alignment: Neutral/Dark


Physical Information

Species: 1/2 Lorrdian; 1/2 Shi'ido

Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 165
Eye Color: Chestnut
Hair Color: Sable
Skin Pigmentation: Olive






Alvarex Zambrano (husband)

Chrysothemis Chrysothemis Atreides (mother)
Unknown Shi'ido Male (father)
Davok Atreides (younger half-brother)
Dahlia Atreides (younger half-sister)


Strengths body is a temple...
I treat it accordingly with a strict regimen of exercise. Dance is not only a creative outlet, but one perfectly suited to keeping me in excellent shape. many possibilities...
My father was Shi'ido, one of the shapeshifting species of the galaxy. Through his contribution to my creation, I am able to shift my form to match that of any humanoid or similarly sized animal, or simply chair my hair and eyes to suit my mood. I do not have the nearly unlimited range of ability a full-blooded Shi'ido has, but growing up in near seclusion offered unlimited time to practice and discover what I could do.

...every move you make...
I am Lorrdian, from my mother, and we are a people who can and often do communicate through body language alone. I can read many sentient beings better with this gift than with the Force, and this, at least, is undetectable.


...absentee mother...
I was raised by a nanny and a handful of tutors in seclusion, only rarely seeing my mother in person. She was ashamed of my birth and has never publicly acknowledged me, but has raised my younger half siblings in the spotlight as her heirs. There is a wellspring of pain that I do my best to keep hidden.

I have trouble forming emotional connections to people because of my upbringing and my mother's own lack of emotion when it came to me. I am perfunctorily polite and say the right thing at the right time, but there is rarely any emotion behind it - with a single exception.



Long sable waves frame olive hued skin and soft features, while her physique is one of lean muscles from years of using dance as a form of exercise. She prefers to clad herself in simple but well-fitted garments, only occasionally given to the excess of luxury she was born to. Most often, Ame chooses to wear soft, fitted leather pants, a loose casual style tunic that slips off of one shoulder, and knee high boots with a solid heel for stability and a touch extra height.



Born in secret to her mother Chrysothemis, Amethyst remained at her mother's remote Lorrdian estate to be raised almost exclusively by a nanny and a string of tutors that saw her through her formative years. Her mother visited rarely, generally only once per year to remind her why she was there, why she was a disappointment, and how much she reminded her of her father as she got older.

As Ame aged, her mother visited less and less, having had Davok and Dahlia, and devoted herself to their care and upbringing. They were afforded every opportunity she was not, both maternally and socially. While she did not resent her younger half siblings, her resentment and hatred of her mother only grew. Upon turning sixteen, she gathered together what she could and simply left what little life such could be called behind.
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