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Amelia Sorenn-Syrush

The First of her House
Knight-Commander of the Order of the Righteous Flame
Amelia Sorenn-Syrush
..:: Biographical Information ::..
Homeworld: Panatha
Birth: 3680 BBY
Death: TBD

..:: Biological Classification ::..
Species: Elder Sanguinius Vampirika - Epicanthix Hybrid
Gender: Female
Height: 1.92 meters
Weight: 79.3 kilograms
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Alabaster
Force Sensitive: No

..:: Political Affiliation ::..

  • The Holy Order of the Righteous Flame
  • Free Worlds Coalition
  • House Syrush
  • Knight-Commander
  • Countess

..:: Appearance ::..

Shorter than an average Epicanthix, though by no means does she require to ensure that her height is altered. Though while she is short for her own species, she still towers over many others whom she has come across. Her height often coupled with her cold demeanor and stare has proven to keep others from harassing her or even thinking of lifting a hand against her.

She pulls back the veil of the world; seeing it through a pair of nearly luminescent yellow eyes. While those hues alone stand out, she furthers their appearance through the utilization of dark cosmetics. Blacks and deep blue tones shown her eyes as if they are stars blinking upon the darkened void of space. Though beyond a pale lipstick she uses little in the form of cosmetics. She was lucky enough to have been graced with beauty from birth; a fact that she has accepted and often flaunts.

Those few though that take a moment to look closer upon the features of the woman will begin to reveal secrets of their own. Unlike many others of her kind, she finds it uncomfortable to keep her teeth hidden, rather she keeps her canines exposed. Piercing yellow eyes also further reveal that she is not what she appears upon the outside, though many are too often looking elsewhere beyond focusing upon her slight features. Thus even with bits showing, she still manages to hide her vampiric heritage from those around her.

While much of her figure is unmarred, as she was always careful to ensure that her face was left unscathed; the same is not said for her form. Scars mark upon her skin, and while many others would be ashamed or even desire to find a means to remove them, for her they are all a tale, a mark of which to be proud. The most noticeable is that which was also the closest to ending her life; the scar marking from the upper right hip and running just below her left breast.

In terms of clothing she has often come to prefer the close comfort and caress of her full body-glove; though upon this is often worn a set of armor which she has become accustomed to wearing at all times. There was a time in years pass when for those instances that called for a gown she would be found in something that would just as likely be discovered in the back of a Zeltron's closet. Since reconnecting with her daughter Natalia, her wardrobe has considerably changed for such outings.

While she does have one or two tight gowns left over from those days, worn only when deemed needed or appropriate, much of her wardrobe was changed. The gowns now that grace the confines of the closet can be demed as "motherly", more appropriate for the woman to wear during a regal and ceremonial affair. This though has brought its own problems, mainly in how she feels bulky and heavy while wearing such flowing, elegant gowns. Of course she had the final say in their color, demanding that colors such as purple, black, and red be the dominate colors.

..:: Personality ::..

Cold and enduring; a rock that has weathered storm after storm and yet in all that time the cracks, if there have been any, have no shown. Her life is one that should have been different, she should have not found herself upon the road she was forced to travel. Yet her mind has become honed to the point that she now believes there hath been no other road for her to travel. No matter had her life been different, she knows that she would always go down the path which she has found herself.

There is no room in her heart for anything more than contempt and coldness. Those whom seek to come closer find themselves rebuked and shunned. Those whom attempt to see themselves beyond anything more than a friend or associate are left wondering what had just happened and why they are missing a hand. Those few whom she permits to come that close to her are of her own whim and even then they do not last by her side for more than a night.

For her she can not stand those whom utilize the Force to live; for in her mind they are the ones whom have sown chaos upon the galaxy. If they must live, then they must be watched, and not by their own kind, by those whom will step forward and prevent them from abusing their powers. For her there is no difference if one calls themselves a Sith, a Jedi, or a Witch; for her those whom use the Force are the deadliest of beings in the galaxy.

Those thoughts, her own actions of keeping others away are a result of that which she has witnessed. Her parents bankrupting themselves to flee the reign of a tyrannical despot that sits upon the throne of Pantha. Her daughter, so naive in her abilities as she was turned to the dark side, slaughtering all before Amelia herself put her down like a rabid dog. She has seen the dangers that those whom are touched by the force represent, and she has made it her crusade to change how the galaxy looks upon them.

Something within her changed however at the single instance, a monumental change in her life, the birth of her daughter Natalia. Though she would always remain cold and stoic outwardly, there was always that little hint, that little sparkle in her eye when she looked upon her daughter. As she watched the girl train and fight, the pride that a mother would feel. A pride though that was never shown in public as she treated her daughter like any other. In private though, when it was just the two, she would dote upon her constantly; always telling her just how proud of Natalia she truly was.

Even now her view towards Force Users has even begun to change due to those around her. While she remains suspicious of many Force Users, she has begun to be more tolerant of those that utilize the Light Side of the Force. However her wariness remains, and she remains strictly Anti-Sith, readily striking down those that use the Dark Side of the Force.

..:: Character Traits ::..

Born of two worlds, inheriting traits of both her mother and father, and ultimately it was those traits that permitted her to survive for as long as she has. Her Vampiric Heritage; passed down from her mother's side granted her heightened senses (increasing her depth perception, sense of smell, hearing, and providing her with natural night vision). This heritage also manifested in enhanced physical strength, speed, agility, and reflexes. Much like those of her kind, she also posses increased endurance and durability, permitting her to accomplish feats on par to a Force User who is aided by the Force.

Additional inheritance of her vampiric heritage is the acquisition of accelerated healing, permitting her to recover from many wounds that would otherwise be described as grievous. This healing can further be enhanced provided that she feed from an individual, which she often restrains from doing due to the resulting death of the individual that occurs (she has however found no problem feeding upon force users).

Like many other species and certain oceanic species, she is essentially biologically immortal, showing no signs of aging or from the effects of toxins, disease or pathogens that other species succumb. However she is not to say, 'immortal', as excessive physical damage or mortal wounds can be fatal; resulting in death.

An oddity of her strain, the culmination of various factors, has resulting in the development of a unique capability that she refers to as 'blood memories'. This capability permits her to focus her accounts and actions, the sum of her life into a cohesive and comprehensive timeline which then can be passed onto others through the ingestion of her blood. Likewise, she is capable of forcefully recovering information from other individuals by ingesting their blood, though this often results in a chaotic and often misplaced sense of time.

Thus we come to the inheritance of her father, the male that fell for the woman that was her mother. From him she was granted the natural immunity that all Epicanthix are born with; an immunity from force assisted mental tricks, including influence, domination and mind reading.

..:: Character Flaws ::..

For all her strengths, there are just as many weaknesses that have been present since birth, or that have developed over the years of her existence.

Of all, the most prominent is the highly aggressive and acute form of photo-sensitivity that her kind share; the result of which is an allergy to ultraviolet radiation, causing her great pain when exposed to sunlight which manifests in burns and blistering upon the skin (she does not burst into flames as some fictional tales recount). Likewise, she finds it extremely discomforting to look into indirect sunlight as it strains her eyes. This can be overcome with the proper protective measures, specialized armors and equipment to prevent ultraviolet radiation from being absorbed, though the most common preventative measure is relegating all activities to night. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation effectively negates her healing capabilities, requiring medical attention.

Many species are what can be described as hemovoric, or as having a hemovore diet, resulting in the need to feed upon the blood of an individual. This is likewise a required need; and though she is capable of suppressing the need, she finds it difficult to do so for extended periods.

It is this hunger that can at times cause her to lock herself away from others, or to ensure that there is a 'sacrificial' individual near to prevent her from what could be described as 'turning feral'. Most times she ensures that her hunger is sated by devouring those that she defeats in combat, primarily force users.

While most activity is relegated to the hours between twilight and dawn, or the general activities aboard a vessel in the void of space; what little sleep she does manage to garner is often interrupted. For even her, at one time had a family, and that sleep is interrupted by the constant night terrors of an event she relives; the destruction of her sister by her own hands. This has resulted (even with her capabilities), in general fatigue and loss of sleep, though the primary affliction this has caused is a lack of connection. She can not, as many can, form lasting bonds (also resulting from her continued biological immortality).

Though she is capable of imparting her gift upon others, it is an occurrence that happens rarely due in part to those that agree often dying with an hour of being bitten. There are only very few individuals who are capable of surviving the process, and she's not met any whom are capable.

Strangely enough she has developed an allergic reaction to silver. While many 'silver allergies' are in fact nickle allergies (from the process of silver plated jewelry), hers is definitively a silver allergy. Much like the allergic reaction to ultraviolet radiation, prolonged exposure to silver upon unprotected flesh results in irritation, rashes, or burns depending on the exact amount of time that has passed. However these injuries are not as easily healed, requiring immediate medical attention (if treatment is not administered, this can leave to Silver Poisoning and ultimately death).

The rage of a mother is a terrible thing to witness, though in the case of Amelia it is one that is unleashed upon others. If she was to see Natalia become injured, be it something minor like a cut, or a major wound; her rage would claim her senses. Tearing into the enemy, she would focus upon the singular act of reaching Natalia just to protect her little girl from further harm. Even ignoring any injuries she would take in the process.

While she is highly resistant to a variety of toxins and poisons, there is one that has a great effect upon her, be it ingested or introduce to her blood stream. While Nightshade is highly lethal to a lesser individual of her species; it causes paralysis in Amelia, with higher doses extending that paralysis. Additionally, an oddity of her species is how Spice (any variant) would affect her. If she is introduced to it, it effectively shuts off her healing capabilities for a few hours. Prolonged exposure to Spice would effectively shut off her healing capabilities until it were flushed from her system.

..:: Biography of a Vampire ::..

..:: Birth of a Vampire ::..

So our story beings; though which shall you become, the Hero or the Villain? A question worthy for many whom begin their lives in such a manner as she has, and for those whom have had to spill blood before they were even considered an adult. There was a time when she was a happy girl, filled with love and joy, and even allowing her eyes to wander upon those whom she was drawn towards. Though nothing can ever be as in a fairy tale or else all whom wished upon a star would have their every desire granted. No, for her life would be one of misery, a crucible to forge her into the weapon that she would become.

At a young age she left her homeworld, barely able to even remember the family home; her parents having sold every last thing they had to flee what would prove to be tyranny. Slowly they ran across the Galaxy, from one world to the next, always a step ahead of some war or invasion that would break out. Each time they would lose just a little more hope, a little more of themselves until the night when an individual claiming to be a Jedi approached them.

Her sister was said to have a gift, one that few in the galaxy could use or were even touched by; a gift that was special for their species due to their own immunity. Of course her family could bare the thought of parting with their youngest, and refused the offer, rather choosing to remain with her and travel to the next world. Though such a decision would prove fatal as one night she lashed out; terrified of some nightmare she killed those around her, all the while she screamed in her sleep even as their parents tried to wake her to no avail.

That scar upon her body was gained in the following moments; when she approached her sister whom lashed out once more, nearly cutting Amelia in twain. Loosing blood, and purely running on adrenaline; she killed her sister as she slept, strangling the girl until her voice cried out no longer. It was not until the next morning was she found, slumped over and nearly dead, the blood in a small puddle beneath her. It was only by the grace of a thief that she survived, and now as she healed in a makeshift hospital of some invading army, she was alone in the galaxy.

The true story begins in this simple little field hospital on some back water world; the light filtering in through the sheer linens and sheets that made up the structure. A passing nurse saw the girl writhing in pain, her skin burning and breaking out in rashes. The only help that could be offered came when they moved her into a dark little house, at which point it was clear as to what she was. Her life could have just as easily ended there as the superstitious gathered, claiming she had slaughtered her family, and she would do the same. If it were not for the the protection of an elderly man, she would have not come unto the sorrow that was still laying before her.

This man was like a father to her, stepping into the void left behind from the death of her own. Aagar Syrush, the man that changed her life by spiriting her away to Alderaan. For many she was seen as nothing more than a pet of House Syrush, and its elderly head, though to Aagar she was his daughter and treated as such in every sense of the meaning. Her life was one in which she would require nothing, nor have a need or want of anything.

Her days, or rather nights, were filled with instruction, teaching and etiquette as to how a woman of Alderaan should act. For her part though she became more interest in the aspects of combat, and after begging her father, Aagar finally permitted her training. She shown her natural skills, the aspects of her heritage revealing itself and providing a challenge even for her veteran trainers. By the time she was considered an adult, she was a warrior in mind, body and spirit. Her life as she was it was to be in service to House Syrush, though tragedy was soon to strike.

..:: The Fall of House Syrush ::..

War, one that had been tearing apart Alderaan for generations, and one that continued even as the Noble Houses came to an agreement. The native beings of the planet, thought extinct or otherwise pushed off of the world made a resurgence. House Syrush was the first to feel the effects and witness its own destruction. The hives of the Killiks were torn open, revealing that the hive had only been slumbering and not as thought, gone.

House Syrush fell to the Killiks; its estate over taken by the swarm of the Hive, many of its inhabitants were forced into the Hive Mind, save for a few that were kept as pets and slaves. Amelia watched her own father Aagar fall to the Killik warriors as he attempted to defend his home, and no matter how she acted, how she tore through enemy upon enemy, there were always more. For years she fought alone, managing to keep herself from falling into the Hive mind thanks to her heritage from the Epicanthix side of her family.

Relief finally came when the Republic and other Great Houses managed to break through the Killiks, though after so many years, there was nothing remaining of the House. Those few survivors that were saved slowly faded into the other Houses, and for all intents and purpose, House Syrush no longer existed, being noted in history as having fallen in the year 3,644 before the battle of Yavin.

..:: The First Great Slumber ::..

So much death and destruction, her mind clouded with the horrors she had seen in the past many years. First her own family slaughtered by her sister. She almost becoming kindling for some back water worlds bon fire, and now her newly adopted family lain broken and scattered. The galaxy was too violent for her, even for what she was. She wanted nothing to do with it, thus she sought out technology to keep her from the Galaxy.

Carbonite, one of the few things in the galaxy that could keep an individual alive; frozen in time. That was what she sought out, and what more, she sought a place in which she could slumber. On some back water world in the Outer Rim, she found a cave, a place in which she would be left alone. It was not some ornate tomb, or some gaudy crypt. No, it was a simple cave dug out of the rock, and at the pit below, she would lay.

Thus she was left there, frozen in carbonite, and over the years the location of this cave was forgotten. Those that had been part of her burial had passed down the story to their children. Though for hundreds of years it passed into myth of a creature that decided to lock itself away from the Galaxy. Time would soon show though, that sometimes stories become legends, and legends become myth, yet there is always that grain of truth hidden within that shows that it was not always a myth.

..:: An Age of War ::..

From the Darkness of the Outer Rim Territories an individual rose, an Umbaran who stepped away from the Jedi Order and the Galaxy. Disappearing from the public eye, he would reemerge as Darth Ruin, and with it came the rise of a New Sith; a new series of war that would continue the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. It was during this conflict that the cave, lost to the years and nothing more than a myth, was discovered by those few that sought the true.

Deep within the pit they clambered down into, they found it. A monolith of carbonite, sitting quietly in the darkness. The signs of whatever lain within showing strong, with curiosity getting the better of those that had found what they sought. For a moment she was blinded, her breaths came heavy as she fell from the carbonite, revealing that she was ancient from the armor she wore alone. The hunger though that had been buried with her emerged, and her first act was to slaughter those that had freed her from her slumber.

She would awake and leave that place only to find the Galaxy tearing itself apart with a new conflict of wars between Jedi and Sith. This war, this age of the New Sith Wars would prove the guiding hand in her feeling of those that used the Force. She watched as countless worlds were torn apart by the Jedi and the Sith in their conflict. She watched as normal people, much as she had been, fell to the despair and the darkness that rose from the conflict.

For her own part she desired some form of condolence, a means to at least help, and she did. Where ever she went, she at least tried to make the suffering and pain eased for those afflicted. For a time she had even joined with a group of mercenaries, and it was with them that her past, her training as a warrior returned to her. She revealed in the blood and destruction of war; her hunger sated each day as she wade through the battlefield.

In time though she saw anyone she had associated with find their end in battle. Those few she could call friends were soon no more than dust, whilst she endured. The final end came at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan; and though she was not on the world, she saw its effects across the galaxy. A thought bomb tearing apart the souls of those that used the Force, it was clear that the effects would ripple through the galaxy for years to come.

For her though the time was coming to a close, and peace was beginning to establish itself once more. She understood that without conflict she was nothing more than a target to those that fear her. Thus she returned to that little forgotten cave, the skeletal corpses of those she had devoured upon her release lain strewn about. The machine though was intact even after all that time, and with the simple press of a button, she was lain to slumber once more.

..:: A Dream of Darkness ::..

As peaceful as it sounds, slumbering for hundreds of years was nothing if not torturous to her mind. Her hunger grew, even if she couldn't sate it; her mind focused upon those that she lost. In the years that followed as she slumbered the galaxy changed. The peace that had been won, that had cost so many their lives was beginning to change.

The Republic which stood for thousands of years had become corrupt. There were worlds that sought out a means to distance themselves, and as she slumbered, corruption spread. Soon there would come a time when war once more gripped the galaxy, and even as she slept, she had a feeling that her awakening would come.

However something strange happened when she emerged from her slumber that time, her eyes falling upon a young woman, dirty from crawling through the dust and dirt of the ancient cave. A beauty in her own right even as she was caked in the dirt. For her own part Amelia could not draw herself from the woman, unable to look away or see her as anything else than what she saw. Even as she tried to consume the poor girl she could not bring herself to do so, the Epicanthix woman offering Amelia something that she hadn't had in so long, humanity. The loving hand and soft caress of a lover that she had not felt in years.

Even as she loved the woman, the woman in turn could not bear the thought of living an endless life, and time and time again she rebutted Amelia's offer to being turned. The pain so great in Amelia, that it was only eased by a simple final act before she lost that love of her life. The miracles of science and technology ensured that Amelia would be a mother, and within her she carried a small part of her now deceased lover.

For a moment Amelia figured that she would want nothing to do with the child; a thought that changed the moment she saw her. Natalia, the name chosen because it was a favorite of her lost lover. That small spark of love for the girl was what kept Amelia around for a few hundred years, training the girl, though never showing any sign of affection outwardly when others were around.

Not every story has a happy ending, and shortly after her daughter's three-hundredth birthday, Amelia disappeared from the galaxy.

..:: The Army of One Man ::..

What terrible existence it would be for you to have the face of a man whom was not you, to share that face with countless others and to have no concept of a you. Looking into the mirror all you saw was him, nothing different beyond your hair; a means to try and convince yourself that you are you, unique, and yet you are nothing more than the copy of a single man. To live your entire life following in the footsteps of war and to fight as he did, to have no choice in what you would do.

Unlike those that she would face, she knew who she was, what she was. For her those that were before her were nothing more than a target, a potential meal to sate her hunger. She watched as countless beings in white armor marched upon the metallic constructs of those that had brought her forth from her slumber. She felt obligated to help, though even she cared not for the agreement that was forced upon her.

War it seemed was once more thrust upon her, and she found herself tearing apart the same man again and again. Save for those few times when she had a different face to look upon, a padawan or jedi that came marking into battle; it was all the same. Her eyes falling upon the same face as she tore helmets apart or removed them from the dead after a battle.

The Clone Wars marked a point in the galaxy in which history was to change. The Jedi that had reigned as peace keepers for thousands of years finally fell. Known only to a few, the Galaxy fell within the hands of the Sith, reigning from the center of the galaxy, Coruscant. For her though, she cared little for the politics, and it was only her usefulness that kept her alive in the years to come.

..:: When Humans Reign ::..

When she was born the Galactic Republic had reigned across much of the Galaxy, though mired in war, peace came again and again. For thousands of years as she slumbered and awoke in a continuing cycle, it was always the same, the Galactic Republic stood. Though that came to an end upon the actions of Lord Vader, and the proclamation as the government was reorganized into the First Galactic Empire. Even as thousands applauded the action, there were those that saw it as going to far.

There will always be rebels, those individuals feeling that they are fighting for a right and just cause. There will always be those saying they are bringing peace, and all that comes in their wake is tyranny. The Galaxy fell within a new war, one in which those Rebels faced again a massive war machine of the Galactic Empire. She though wanted nothing to do with either side, even as she found herself falling into the favor of the Empire.

Her actions during this time were lost to history, perhaps best kept that way for even she does not speak of what happened during this time. For all the wars she came across, for all the fighting she was part of, she considers this the darkest point of her life; a point she refuses to revisit. As always though there came a time in which she spirited herself away, losing herself to the darkness and returning to slumber; though for how long?

..:: Death Sweeps Across the Void ::..

Luck was finally on her side as she slumbered, for as she did, the Galaxy fell to conflicts which she would desire to be of no part. Entire worlds were torn apart by the actions of the Yuuzhan Vong. The Sith, though destroyed would once more reemerge, pressing the Galaxy beneath their boot, and even worst, a single individual would release the most destructive plague upon the galaxy that would wipe out billions of lives. These events would take place as she remained silent, slumbering, though it would not be forever.

As always there are those that go searching for a myth, and there are those that stumble upon them. Prospecting for minerals and resources became the life of many in the Outer Rim, and for a few they found an ancient monolith, the form of a woman frozen inside. Rather than step away, curiosity claimed their minds as they released her, and that curiosity claimed their lives as she devoured those beings.

Though now she was in a galaxy that was mired in conflict, continued conflict. Peace did not reign for there was always war. Even as she emerged into the galaxy once more, she found the galaxy fighting a being far worst than anything she had come across, and it was just the tip of the iceberg.

..:: The Terror of Akala ::..

The culmination of all that she witnessed upon her awakening and in the years that followed save half of the galaxy torn from this realm and thrown into turmoil. Billions found themselves into the netherworld a place were only the dead should even tread. The being behind this some ancient princess slighted by some ancient lover.

Chaos reigned as countless worlds saw their populations dwindle, cut in half by what was known as the Netherworld Event. During this time she could do little besides fight, and thus she fell into her usual routine. She found herself folding into a mercenary unit, finding a new family, even as she attempted to keep herself from forming bonds.

As always, those that she came to know were there one day, and gone the next.
..:: The Holy Order of the Righteous Flame ::..

For thousands of years she watched as the Jedi lorded themselves over others, watched as their destructive wars with the Sith tore apart the lives of billions of families and lead to the destruction of millions upon millions of individuals. Entire worlds left lifeless or outright destroyed. Enough had become enough, and she could no longer sit upon the side lines and watch as the destruction continued.

At first they gathered beneath the Templar Order, taken from those that called themselves such even as they utilized the Force. Yet this was not enough, for the galaxy could not be cleansed by a name that already was tainted by the Force. No, the galaxy needed a fire, a cleansing flame that would place the power in the hands of those that did not use the Force.

Even she serves someone, follows someone, and often she merely extends their desires to see the Galaxy changed and turns them to action. Thus the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame was born not from her own desires, it was born from the desires of many.

Marching beneath the banner, they fell upon worlds across the Galaxy, homes of those that used the Force and were a threat. One such night saw her leading a raid of a village on Kiffar, thought to be the hideout of a dangerous dark sider. The order was given by herself, and thus the Holy Order put every man, woman, and child of the village to the sword, save for one.

A small girl found in the ruins of her home, alone and crying. Amelia remembering her own daughter could not put this girl to the blade, and rather than ending her misery she prolonged it by taking the girl in. Solanna Voss, the woman trained since she was a child to see to the needs of Amelia, carefully groomed for her new purpose in life. Though she was like many of the Kiffar, a Force Sensitive and that alone caused Amelia to keep a heavy hand and watchful eye upon the girl.

..:: Rise of House Syrush ::..

There was a time when she thought herself the First and Last of her House, having forgotten so much in the many years she had slumbered. She watched as the Galactic Republic, the most ancient bastion of Government in the Galaxy fell to the assault of the Mandalorians. She saw as the One Sith fell to their infighting, and she heard the death knell of the Mandalorians as they collapsed. Thus her eyes turned to Alderaan, an ancient world returned from destruction and she saw the Phoenix as it rose from the ashes.

Feeling a call to return home to Alderaan, she rediscovered a part of her thought lost years ago. Little did she know that over the years, of her cycle of waking and slumbering, there was someone searching for her. Now as she is reunited with her daughter Natalia, she is filled with a great resolve.

The world of Aldraig IV, once held by the One Sith stands at the edge of the territory held by the now standing Free Worlds Coalition. This bastion of cultists has caught the eye of Amelia, and now she gathers her strength. At the head of the House Guard of House Syrush and leading a force of the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame, she seeks to fall upon the world of Aldraig IV, to liberate its brutalized peoples and bring peace to the world.

..:: Forms ::..

"A lightsaber form is nothing more than a form which one can use with a sword. The only difference is those whom wield a lightsaber while you wield a blade."

[Note: Scale 1 (Novice) - Scale 5 (Master)]

  • Shii-Cho: 1
  • Makashi: N/a
  • Soresu: N/a
  • Ataru: N/a
  • Shien / Djem So: N/a
    Sub-form Backhanded: N/a

[*]Niman: N/a
  • Sub-form Jar-kai, or Dual Wield: N/a

[*]Juyo: N/a

  • Double Bladed Combat: N/a

..:: Attributes ::..

"The body and the mind; steel these both for one can not exist without the other. If you are weak in body, find strength in mind; if you are weak in mind, find strength in body."

[Note: Scale 1 (Weak) - Scale 10 (Godly)]

Physical Strength: 6
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6
Leadership: 4

Unarmed: 4
Melee Weapons: 7
Ranged Weapons: 4
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..:: Lovers / Personal Relations ::..
  • [member="Natalia Sorenn-Syrush"] - Daughter
  • [member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"] - Adoptive Daughter
  • [member="Fiore de Noir"] - Personal Bodyguard
  • [member="Solanna Vass"] - Personal Handmaiden / Slave
  • [member="Natalie LaForte"] - Lover

..:: Allies / Acquaintances ::..
  • [member="Faith Organa"] - Queen of Alderaan
  • [member="Lady Kay"] - Queen of Commenor
  • [member="Claire Organa"] - Shareholder of Sorenn-Syrush Industries
  • [member="Vokun"] - Shareholder of Sorenn-Syrush Industries

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House Syrush
"From the Ashes, as a Phoenix; We Rise..."

..:: Familial Information ::..

  • Energy Vampires
  • Human
  • Near Human
  • Hybrids

Title of House:
  • Countess / Count

Ruling Bloodline of House Syrush:
  • Amelia Sorenn-Syrush - Countess
  • [member="Natalia Sorenn-Syrush"] - Heir of House Syrush
  • [member="Asha Mataya-Syrush"]
  • TBA

Members of House Syrush
  • TBA

Seat of Power:
  • TBA

Other Locations:
  • TBA

..:: Military Strength ::..

Captain of the House Syrush Guard:
  • TBA

Members of the House Syrush Guard:
  • TBA

..:: Political Information and Affiliation ::..

  • The Free Worlds Coalition
  • Royal House of Alderaan - House Organa
  • Holy Order of the Righteous Flame

Vassal Houses:
  • TBA

..:: Chronological Information ::..

Date Established:
  • Circa 27,500 BBY

Date Fragmented:
  • 3644 BBY

Date Reestablished:
  • Circa 844 ABY

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