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Amaara T'Rani

Amaara T'Rani


Original Image: Here

NAME: Amaara T'Rani
FACTION: Bounty Hunter's Guild
SPECIES: Togruta
AGE: 27
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.75 meters (not counting the montrals)
WEIGHT: 59.4 kilograms
EYES: Aquamarine
HAIR: White (Lekku & Montrals)


++ Preternatural Senses: Beyond just the outstanding hearing and spacial awareness of a Togruta, Amaara has trained her senses to be razor sharp. A bounty hunter is only as good as her ability to hunt her prey.

++ Agile: Years of work and training have left this Togruta with a profound talent for contortion and general flexibility.

== Sense of smell: Due to an accident when she was younger, Amaara's sense of smell has been all but destroyed. While this has the benefit of rendering her immune to most forms of aromatic combat, it also means that she lacks the ability to smell danger (smoke, foul odors, etc)

-- Physical Strength: Years of relying on surprise attacks and blasters has left Amaara with a noticeable disadvantage in close combat. If she can't get out of a grip, she has little hope of breaking free.

-- Crippling Headaches: Any attempt to utilize the Force beyond augmenting her physical attributes and senses results in crippling headaches. Even using it in a manner that does not cause a crippling headache still elicits noted discomfort. As a result, Amaara rarely used the Force for more than a few minutes.

Still in the prime of her life, Amaara is a Togruta who takes excellent care of her body. The demanding lifestyle of a bounty hunter has left its mark on her, in both positive and negative ways. Still fit like someone ten years younger than herself, Amaara moves with all the dangerous grace of a Corellian sand panther. Bearing a number of tattoos along her arms, Amaara's few scars are kept hidden by clothing and never displayed openly. On occasion, she wears a necklace bearing a number of akul teeth as a sign of her prowess, but mostly she leaves sentients to judge her how they will. After all, if they allow themselves to be lulled into a false sense of security from her looks, all the easier to bring them to their knees.

Born and raised on Shili, Amaara grew up with the people of her village in relative peace. The horrors of the Gulag Plague had long since faded into the stories of the few elders old enough to have been born to the last Togruta to have fallen victim. Naturally curious and only spurred further in rebellion of the stifling rules of the elders, Amaara eventually found herself at the mercy of a group of slavers. Whisked off to Nar Shaddaa, she was quickly sold into the service of an Iridonian bounty hunter named Garr Zoler.

Rather than take the girl for illicit means, he used her as a house pet and servant, keeping his quarters clean, and when she was old enough, run basic errands. Never unduly cruel, Garr eventually came to regard the blossoming Togruta as something of a daughter. For her part, Amaara did not mind his improved treatment of her. In time, she came to learn the methods of a bounty hunter. At first, it was simple things; using herself as bait, observation and subterfuge. As the years went by, she took an increasingly active role alongside Garr as a bounty hunter.

By the time she was a woman, Amaara had been working in one form or another as a bounty hunter for more than seven years. By that point, Garr's conscience could not bear to keep her contained, even if she enjoyed the lifestyle. So after furnishing her with a blue R7 astromech droid, who she took to calling Glitch, some basic weapons, and a stock YTA-1300 freighter, Garr unceremoniously disappeared and left Amaara a note to note come looking for him. Though it saddened her, Amaara took the gifts and made her way out to the galaxy at large to find her own way.

BTI-SG "Hibernator"
BTI-CR "Ripper"
BTI-BR "Corvus"
BTI-HPBR "Harbinger"
BTI-WWSR "Harpy"
Modified Iron Skin (No sleeves)

R7-G8 "Glitch"

Starless Night, a stock YTA-1300 freighter