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Artist Aloy does art! (Not taking requests[...Yet])

The Gun-fighting Alor
T A Y L - V I Z S L A

(Do not use or reupload without permission)​

Description: This Tayl Vizsla! She'll be introduced to chaos later as the daughter of Aloy Vizsla Aloy Vizsla and Tan'yill Tan'yill through cloning!
I spent 5-6 hours experimenting to get her juuuust right! This is my first ever attempt at this style of concept art and I am proud af!

Design: (Character to be subbed in due time)Tayl Vizsla is an Eclipse Rebel fighting under the banner of her Mother, Aloy Vizsla. A pirate, A Rebel, A rogue and gunslinger like her mother.
As such, Her design was inspired by the Rebel Alliance of old, Specifically the rebel commandos on endor in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
The use of olive and forest green communicates her military feel, While her relaxed attitude, Worn apparel and Kukri communicate her more Paramilitary origins. The tactical scarf(A gift from one of her mothers) adds to her paramilitary look(And is cute af!) but also her western feel. After all, Aloy was always a gunslinger and as they say; Like Mother, Like Daughter.

I'll be adding more bits and bobs to her design later on during character development.

If one needs proof that this is my own work, Check out my original upload on
deviantart or Artstation!

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