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Almighty High Lords of Val'halla


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Just as there's two sides to everything in the universe, the force has two sides. Darkness, powerful and passionate. Light, peaceful and serene. But even through this, there is always balance. And when not, there are those that are most able to realign it. The Gods, Masters, or Heroes, whatever they may call themselves. This is the beginning of the call for true peace, all that are truly able to assist in the bringing of the final every lasting peace, they are welcome.


Millennia ago there was a Pantheon of nigh invincible Force Users, on the planet Val'hala, where their base remained, they were worshipped as Gods. Every member held specific talents, honing them so severely they were actually given titles believed to hold dominion over them. During a massive battle that spread the Gods to thin, they were all slowly slain. There was nothing they could do, they were simply overwhelmed.

After their deaths, the people of Val'hala prophecized the return of their "creators". Believing if they remained faithful the beings would be reincarnated into mortal forms. These mortal hosts would be tested, and if they remained godlike they would Ascend to their full power upon their deaths. The planet became hidden to the masses, despite being in a populated spot in space. It was almost as if the universe itself wanted it to remain hidden.

Then recently the Sith Knight and self proclaimed God, Zaiden James stumbled upon the planet. The populace instantly was on their knees, worshiping the King of the Gods reincarnated. After being explained his true destiny of bringing about the prophesized peace, Zaiden took to searching for the proclaimed Warriors. He found a few Heroes, and then even a couple he believed were The Chosen Ones as well.

Soon the call to the Pantheon will be made, and from there it's to be predicted. Will you be a part of such a humongous calling? Can the galaxy rely on the aid of your expertise?