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Alliance Military

defy the tyrannous stars
Once the mighty Galactic Alliance Defense Force, vanquishers of the One Sith and guardians of freedom from the Outer Rim to the Deep Core, the Alliance Military is a shell of its former self. Comprised in large part of constituent planetary fleets, many of those pledged to protect the Alliance as a whole either perished or were turned by the Sith Empire during their surprise attack.

Those few elements from the Core Fleet and other scattered elements who survived the gauntlet all the way to the relative safety of the Outer Rim are all that remain, in addition to surviving soldiers from the old regime and whatever new recruits can be mustered on Elrood.

Now reorganized from a galactic peacekeeping force into paramilitary humanitarians, the Military operates both in small resistance cells which provide aid to former Galactic Alliance worlds and strike back at their enemies, as well as in larger numbers defending Remnant space.

[SIZE=12pt]Alliance Navy[/SIZE]

The Alliance Navy, also sometimes referred to still as the Defense Fleet or simply the Fleet, is all that remains of the Galactic Alliance's once mighty space faring arm. Precious few larger capital ships survived the desolation of their homeland, and those that remain are treated like the precious resources they are, relegated to defense patrols across Coalition space.

Based out of the Sullust system, the Navy's largest organized armada bears a new title to celebrate their reemergence, the Home Fleet. Commanded by Fleet Admiral Mazik Stazi, the Home Fleet's one and only priority is safeguarding all space surrounding what remains of Alliance leadership on Elrood.

Another large contingent of surviving forces have been divided into modestly sized Expeditionary Groups which serve as a manifestation of the Alliance Remnant's modest influence across the Outer Rim. While it must plan its operations carefully lest they waste what few resources the Navy has left, this fleet operates under the principle that they are duty bound to assist the Underground and take the fight to the enemy.

Last but not least are the Alliance's Sector Forces. Some are small space based task forces known as Roving Lines, composed of no more than a cruiser or two and smaller support elements. Others are organized into Resistance Cells such as the well organized Phoenix Cell which operates both in space and planetside.

[SIZE=12pt]Alliance Starfighter Corps[/SIZE]

Retaining its autonomy much in the way it had within the Defense Force, the Starfighter Corps is a distinct entity that nonetheless operates alongside practically all branches of the military. Ranks are generally the same as in the Army, but Alliance pilots are just as common a sight in Navy hangars as they are on surface outposts.

Stationed everywhere from D'Qar Base to Elrood, the Starfighter Corps often coordinates alongside Ordnance and Supply by protecting supply routes and escorting transport fleets to their destination. Even though they are not starfighters Alliance GR-90E transports are a common sight in starfighter task forces and on missions, serving as long-range fuel tankers and depots.

[SIZE=12pt]Alliance Army[/SIZE]

The bulk of the Alliance Remnant's remaining loyalist ground troops are now concentrated in the Elrood Sector, although the Army also has oversight over the majority of Special Forces as well. Several battalions are stationed on D'Qar and more are scattered throughout Outer Rim Coalition space operating out of hidden outposts on remote worlds for defensive purposes.

Most are garrisoned on Sullust and Elrood, but a few elite units such as the famous Twilight Company are still operating on the front lines.

[SIZE=12pt]Special Forces[/SIZE]

While often coordinating with the Army, Special Forces is technically its own separate branch. Alliance Pathfinders often train and fight alongside Army troopers, and yet there is the notable exception of the SpaceOps Marines who fall under the Navy's operational oversight.
defy the tyrannous stars
Allied Commanders

Allied Commanders are the chiefs of each branch of the Alliance military. Each commander and their staff is expected to run their department efficiently as both time and funds are now in short supply for the Alliance Remnant. There are seven Allied Commands, broken down as follows.

[SIZE=12pt]Fleet Command[/SIZE]

This department is responsible for the Alliance Fleet, and is headed by the admiral of the fleet itself. Besides functioning as operation combat commander, the fleet admiral also oversees training, organization, and deployment of the fleet. This gives Fleet Command supreme power over the entire Alliance Navy.

[SIZE=12pt]Ordnance and Supply[/SIZE]

This department is responsible for providing adequate supplies for the military, such as foodstuffs, fuel, spare parts, weapons, etc. In practice, Ordnance and Supply maintains only the Fleet and starfighter units, leaving each Sector Command responsible for maintaining their own local forces. OaS works very closely with the civil government and their Outer Rim allies.

[SIZE=12pt]Starfighter Command[/SIZE]

StarCom oversees control of all Alliance starfighter squadrons. It is responsible for training new pilots, assigning squadrons to the fleet, and loaning squadrons to Sector Commands for important missions. While this command receives many requests for squadrons, it must be judicious in doling out its limited available resources.

[SIZE=12pt]Support Services[/SIZE]

Support Services oversees the small number of transport and cargo craft maintained by the Alliance Remnant. It also provides crew for all Alliance hospital ships, and oversees safe worlds where Sector Forces can fall back to in times of crisis. Not as glamorous as some of the other branches, Support is nevertheless crucial.


Alliance Intelligence is responsible for keeping track of enemy units in close proximity to both former Galactic Alliance worlds and Outer Rim Coalition space, as well as maintaining undercover operatives. In large part overseen by protocol unit M-3PO, Intelligence often relies on an extensive network of droid informants to gather fragments of intel en mass. Despite this tendency towards soft espionage, Intelligence also maintains a black ops wing of elite commando units on loan from SPECTRE.

[SIZE=12pt]Special Forces Command[/SIZE]

The SpecForces are elite units marked by excellence of training, brilliant leadership, and high morale. SpecForce units defend High Command, are attached to the Fleet, and aid Sector Forces across the galaxy. Some are more closely tied to the command structure of either the Army or Navy, but even Spectre agents fall under the organizational purview of Special Forces Command.

[SIZE=12pt]Sector Command[/SIZE]

Tasked with coordinated the various Sector Forces, SecCom assigns assets and ensures that each sector works in line with Alliance policy. With these Sector Forces spread throughout the galaxy coming in all shapes and sizes, it is a monumental task that is difficult to coordinate.