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All Terrain Super Walker Transport AT-SWT



  • Manufacturer: Forgotten Defeat
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Forgotten Defeat
  • Production: Lowly Produced (Super Weapon) Rare
  • Material: Durasteel, Quadranium, Duralium, Titanium (Titanium used to protect the reactors and cores and exposed areas)
  • Classification: Troop Transport, Support,
  • Role: Troop Transport, Fight in front lines and or siege bases
  • Size: Extra Large
    280 meters tall
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Minimum Crew: 50
  • Optimal Crew: 90
  • Propulsion: Quadrupedal
  • Speed: Very Slow 10 MPH
  • Maneuverability: Low
  • Armament:
    6 Heavy Laser Cannons
    4 Repeating Blasters
  • Autocannon
  • 10 Missile Batteries
  • 5 Mortars
  • 15 Machine Gun or E-WEB and a few blaster turrets
  • 10 nk 3 ion cannons
  • 2 Nk 7 ion cannons
  • Defenses: Very High: high grade durasteel armour, titanium, quadranium and duralium
  • Squadron Count: 6
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Passenger Capacity: 100
  • Cargo Capacity: 10000 kg
It's special ability is to quick cool down and no over heat, when it is used the ventilation systems wont have to open.

Thick armored Plating: Can withstand a small orbital bombardment, not anything out of the extreme. It can take on several shots and not take damage from blasters and E-Webs and turrets.
Shields : Thinking armor was enough, the shields can withstand blows and will not go down, holding a few shield generators, force fields and other.
Armament: Beholding such power with weapons and spread out guns, holding in a super weapon and able to take out any enemy target.
Main Gun: The main gun being powerful enough to take down fighters and small frigates.
Core and Reactor protection: Having titanium surrounding the core and engines/ reactors it is hard for the enemy to take it's main source out and blow it from the inside, it is well armored and protected.


Main Gun Cooldown: Having such a cool down time it is often seen as the vents will be opened, which in that case it is vulnerable, it can be fired into and or attacked, also infiltrated
Height and Weight: The enemy being able to spot it and get under it isn't so good, even though their are turrets that protect the lower deck, it is still very bad, also taking in consideration of the weight, which slows it down and which gives a disadvantage if some special attack comes along way
Explosive Exposure: The explosive containment is exposed inside, and if shot in the right place of the Super Walker( That's if the shot penetrates) the cargo and supply will go off and or explode causing a chain reaction, also having a core in the inside however not easy to destroy since there is protection around it

The AT-SWT is a massive 280 meter tall F.G war machine which is seen on the planet Narbada, where it is stationed and being built at by the F.G/ Forgotten Defeat. It has a variety of different modes and changes, it can walk across deep oceans, it can take out air support and air vehicles and even ground vehicles, it is good at wiping out enemy majorities and cleaning up huge mess. It's main cannon can destroy a frigates hull with one shot and take it down with ease, though their is a flaw with it doing so. It's scary like appearance pushes fear into those who do not believe in the F.G and is normally used to scare off enemies and to cause massive destruction on enemy lines and throw/push them back. It can hold many cargo and transport items, equipment, medical supply and food. It stores around 1000 cargo but it's cargo capacity is beyond that, and holds 90-100 troops. Having a medical bay, training area, several barracks and beds, meeting rooms, intelligence quarters, and more. It can withstand heavy attacks, though a serious orbital bombardment may damage this machine, it is like a walking cruiser and will destroy any enemy that stands against it.

Being made on narbada by the F.G in 840 ABY, and being rarely produced, it is super powerful and is one of the best creations of the F.G. Only the high ranks get to play with this toy, by that saying these are limited and are wisely given out and used by high ranks and smarter individuals, it's design and copies are usually used by the creator of the F.G which is the proud designer of the walker, being able to hold such ideas for an amazing project and art work on this magnificent prize, the creator made the blue print and it was later then made by his Storm Trooper Engineers, and companies with inside of the F.G. This is the most feared weapon of all and isn't to be played around with AT ALL. In order to gain access to victory the F.G thought it would be wise to upgrade it and make further on improvements, which lead to it's new build the AT-SWT the current and recent build of 841 ABY a year later after it's original build. Having very little history it has taken on designs from past super weapons and super walkers.

Delila Castillon said:

I don't understand how the long cooldown (or possibly long, there is no timeframe mentioned) is a strength and weakness?
I'm active again ma'am :D
Also their ventilation system opens as a cool down effect, it's the vulnerable weak spots. Fumes and flames that lead up to it can caus damage to the inside. Which could possibly lead to it's destruction. It's powerful so i wanted a confusing weak spot but nothing impossible.

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