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All shall fall before the horde


Vong-formed Imperial Knight/Joiner drone/Imperial
If the Horde want to start getting some traction and become a threat to the galaxy. If they want to attack the Republic well the faction admins welcome them to come and try fighting


There are a bunch of threads, you can be in any or all of them and get to fight the enemies of the Horde with no repercussions since we don't have a set base yet. Help disrupt their attempts to settle in sith space or take sections of the galaxy. Since all we do is talk here is your chance to show the galaxy we are the next big bad.


I actually promote this, since it seems like the Republic and Mandolorians are just trying to suck in everything - which isn't really in the spirit of the Sith disbanding.

I was going to start a major faction on Tund. Now, I can't even start a minor one on Tund. What the feth does the Republic need with TUND?

So in short, I am on board and promote everyone else to join in. :)