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Alister Storm

Alister Storm

New Member

NAME: Alister Storm

FACTION: The Galatic Empire

RANK: Stormtrooper


AGE: 24

SEX: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship status: Single


WEIGHT: 174 pounds

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: White




Fearless: As a young boy here learned that fear kills. He has grown to not fear things, or that if he did, not too show it.

Soldier: His training in the Empire has taught how to wield more than one weapon, he may not be an expert at any of them, but he can kill with all of them.

Novice Pilot: In basic training, he was taught how to at least get the ship off the ground.


Anti-Social: He has a hard time interacting with people outside of his duty.

Follower: He has never been good at telling people what to do, he prefers to follow orders and get the job done.

A Good Soldier: He always follows orders, while not a bad thing it can mean that he will not question orders that are unethical.

Alister has always tried to be in the top condition of health. This is rather apparent as he always scores in Top three of his physical exams. He shaves his head to keep the hair out of his eyes, as well as make the helmet less uncomfortable.

Alistair was born on the planet Krant. This is where he spent most of his life, in the woodlands and farmlands. Most of his life was spent farming with his family. He also became a hunter for the village often burning food for them. When he turned 19 he had gone Board of the farming life and decided that he should join the Empire and trained become Stormtrooper. A year after he completed his training a terrorist attack at taking place at the village that used to live in killing his entire family. He then became turn to kill every last Rebel Scum.




EQUIPMENT: Standard Imperial Stormtrooper Armor