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Alcus Lightonel

Alcus Lightonel

Rogue Sith Apprentice
NAME: Alcus Lightonel
FACTION: Sith Empire (Left -refer to backstory-)
RANK: Sith Apprentice
AGE: 24
EYES: Bright Blue
HAIR: White
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Wize when it comes to combat
+Quick on feet
+High Pain Threshold
-Completely Mute
-Is prone to migraines
-When shocked enough, goes into a comatose state for up to an hour

As a young child, Alcus was considered by many on Gala troubled. He lived there for 8 years before one day, an unmarked shuttle appeared at his town. A single man, dressed in a long black robe, stepped off and strode around looking at the huts curiously. Singling out Alcus's parents hut, he walked inside. After almost an hour the man came back out. This time, however, he was walking hurriedly towards me. As he got closer to Alcus, he drew his lightsaber and struck him across the head with the handle. As Alcus lost consciousness, he heard feint screaming. When Alcus woke up, he was in a bed and the same man in the robe was standing over him. Over the next 10 years Alcus learned the ways of a Sith Apprentice.
On the day that he had anticipated for months, Alcus awoke at dawn for his acceptance mission. He was told that for his ultimate acceptance, he must return to Gala and murder both of his parents. He donned his black cloak, his dual lightsabers, and set out on the Sith transport.
As he arrived on Gala, there was light rain and a smell of smoke in the air. He solemnly and slowly stepped towards the once familiar hut. 2 short raps on the door and he was inside. As the two that he had come to kill questioned his being there, he slowly pulled out lightsabers and activated them. "I'm... sorry." Alcus muttered as he struck down the only two he truly loved. Sinking to his knees, Alcus laid down the two lightsabers and removed his hood. As he stared at the ground, he became outraged. Vowing to silence and hatred for the Empire , he got up, put the lightsabers away, pulled his hood up and got on the next trading ship that came by.
None. (Other than parents)

I was thinking that maybe you could use the force to project your thought.

now the only problem for you is if you happen to have a dirty mind when you are trying to talk to someone.