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Approved Tech Alarah Kel's Vibrorapier

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Alarah Kel

Intent: Creating a personal favoured weapon for Alarah Kel.

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Paragon Enterprises

Model: Melee Weapon

Affiliation: Hapes Consortium, House Kel

Modularity: Limited

Production: One

Material: The blade is made of a Durasteel-Phryyk Alloy with a chromium finish. The hilt is made from finer materials, but the decorative, yet practical handgaurd is also Phryyk lined to prevent Sun-Djem disarming.

Description: A sort of symbol of House Kel, specifically of its current Matriarch, Alarah Kel's vibrorapier is as beautiful as it is deadly. It seems to be designed around older vibrorapier designs, even keeping the iconic Hapan style handgaurd (which is cage-like but constructed in an elegant, helix-type style) but with top-of-the-line improvements. The ultrasonic oscillators are able to smart-tune to the resonant frequency of the last object it strikes, thus increasing the amount of damage dealt after "tasting" it's target.

It is made of a tough and balanced-weight durasteel-Phryyk alloy designed specifically against fire-blades or even lightsabres. As resilient as it is, it was also equally expensive. The blade is approximately a metre long, honed to a fine cutting edge with meleenium coating the edges to strengthen them. The middle of the blade, deemed the weakest part and most prone to breaking if caught in armour during a stab, has been reinforced to mitigate snappage risk. The handgaurd is also coated in a phryyk alloy to prevent disarming by striking at the wrist or fingers.

The blade and handgaurd are both coated in a chromium finish and the hilt, being designed for one-handed use, is tailored to counterbalance the weight of the blade. The hilt is also elegantly curved to provide superior leverage as well as a comfortable, ergonomic grip. It was lined by a soft, insulating material to aid in retaining grip as well as having the side effect of making the hilt not very conducive to electricity.

Finally, the crest of House Kel is emblazoned onto a decorative piece between the blade and the hilt. The matching sheath is likewise marked with this symbol. It is meant to match Alarah's military dress uniform in colour and style as well as providing a safety measure. When the sword is sheathed, the oscillators deactivate and the sheath finely hones the blade by the action of drawing and sheathing. The oscillators are reactivated when the blade is drawn. Finally, these oscillators and the microprocessors that regulate them are also EMP caged to prevent them from being deactivated via ion or electrical damage.

It takes two specialised power-cells to operate at full capacity for 5 days straight.
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