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Character Alamara Tesco

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Alamara Tesco

  • NAME: Alamara Tesco
    FACTION: Sith Empire
    RANK: Flight Officer
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 23
    SEX: Female
    HEIGHT: 5'0
    WEIGHT: 120 lbs.
    EYES: Green
    HAIR: Brown
    SKIN: Pale
    Pallas (Advanced Tuk'ata class Sith Interceptor).
    Magenta (Tie/SK Air Superiority Fighter).


    Born on Korriban to a Sith fledgling father and mother, Alamara was abandoned by her parents once it was learned she had no force sensitivity, and at the ripe age of ten was left to be indoctrinated by the Sith Empire. Finding little enjoyment in her life, the only thing that kept the girl entertained was the idea of flying star fighters, and it was in this that her handlers took notice. At the age of twelve, Alamara began to be drilled in military tactics, and eventually was placed in star fighter simulations to merely see how she performed.

    To the astonishment of many, her initial score seemed promising, and it was decided that her training would be continued. Being allowed to roll into the surviving class, Alamara was subjected to intense mental and physical conditioning, as well as strict expectations of excellence. At times, the only thing that kept her alive was the thrill of being placed back in the cockpit. In time, Alamara proved to be a capable pilot, surviving through several of the class cycles, and being one of a few to graduate without noticeable mental damage.

    As a result, Alamara’s outlook on the world is a tad eschewed, as she finds herself aligned more with flying her craft that having strong beliefs about the Empire. The recent change to Sith Indoctrination procedure hasn’t helped change her outlook either, as she finds the only thing, she looks forward to is being in her ship, and blowing targets out of the sky. It’s the only thing that seems to keep her moving these days.


    Alamara is noted as being plain or interesting by many, and she is hardly seen smiling. Her body is decorated with scars earned from her harsh treatment by her Sith handlers, though this is often covered up by her flight suit and various jackets she wears at all times. Her hair is often kept down, her clothing never anything colorful, though this changes when it is time for her to strap up and get to work. Her voice becomes livelier, and her body language practically becomes entirely giddy.

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  • PROS & CONS (Required: 2 Cons Minimum) :

    Ace Pilot: Alamara is a fighter ace, and is rather proud of it. Her skill in piloting is not to be treated lightly, as she knows how to handle her ship.

    Mind of Steel: Years of training by Sith masters have hardened Alamara’s mind to being difficult to read. Of course, what she actually does is list off part numbers for her Tie Fighter and various energy readings when flying in formation, stuff that would bore most sane people to tears.

    Quick Fix: Alamara is a master with the hydrospanner, and often spends her time maintaining her ship, or double checking the work of the mechanics to make sure there isn’t anything out of place.


    Unhinged: Alamara’s primary complaints against her record, is that she is reckless and flies like she has a death wish at times. Both of these are true, and the woman sees nothing wrong with going out in a flaming metal coffin if she had the choice.

    Damaged: The method of her training left Alamara with little time to make friends. Her fixation has been on flying, and stays on flying for the most part.
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