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Approved Species Akure Leviathan

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Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler

  • Name: Akure Leviathan

  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Homeworld: Mon Calamari
  • Language: Grunts, Roars, Primitive Grumbles
  • Average height of adults: 50M at the shoulders (event prize, started at 40 meters and grew ten meters per ten posts in the thread)
  • Skin color: Cobalt-Cyan, Flint-Steel
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Breathes: Type I - III

  • Strengths: [2 minimum]
  • Weaknesses: [2 minimum]

  • Distinctions: A colossal, hellish amalgamation of base, humanoid features mixed with reptilian and insect-like flourishes. Dominating spine-legs protrude from the shoulder-base and hulk forward as maneuverable pincers, with a weaving tail attached at the base of its spinal collumn that spans nearly twice its body length. Familiar, corded arms, large enough to embrace the nose of a Star Destroyer and crush it in a bare hug, end in bladed fingertips, though probably only for basic grappling against horizontal and vertical surfaces. Its face is plated back in a split crown, dominated by a single, bony protrusion hiked tall as a kind of axe-head. Strange, phosphorescent glows emanate from splits in its toughened hide and calcified bone excursions. Some great mass of armoured flesh expands behind what can only be deemed a primary torso, ending in further spinal legs, while a singular pair of truncated support limbs rest snugly beneath its 'waist'.
  • Average Lifespan: 100 Coruscant Standard Years
  • Races: Alchemical Leviathan
  • Diet: Life Force/'Souls' of Victims Devoured
  • Communication: It lacks any form of audible means to coherent communicate. It is simply a beast. It will grunt in anger, moan in pain, and roar midst its triumphs of destruction. Only base need and inherent instinct are the languages it speaks.

  • Culture: The Leviathan is a unique construction of alchemical flesh and bone. As such, it belongs to know lands or country, save the will of its debased consciousness. It may feel a tickle at musical notation, but such things as art, architecture, history, celebration, religion, and societal dogma and evolution are beyond its grasp or scope to comprehend. Its enemies are not notions or nations, but simply whatever its set against. Its more inclined to destroy any vestiges of culture, rather than opt for preservation.

  • Technology level: The beast cannot interact with common or uncommon technologies on virtually any level. True, perhaps cybernetic augmentations can be made to its utterly vast frame and weight, but the wonders of anti-grav, holofields, blaster tech, and star drives are ideas that it has little patience for. It is simply dumb. Interaction with anything, technology or even simple sticks and stones is an exercise in wanton destruction.

  • General behavior: Quantifying the Leviathan's behavior outside of a natural compulsion to simply wreck havoc is... difficult, to put it in the lightest term. The designation of semi-sentience gives credence to a belief that, perhaps, the Leviathan is capable of some form of higher thought beyond that enjoyed by ordinary mammalian, reptilian, avian, aquatic, and insectoid animal kingdoms. However, evidence to suggest so is incredibly limited. It seems only geared towards the ordinary drive to rid itself of its immense, restless stores of physical energy. Its origins through twisted alchemic interference may hint that it is susceptible to mental prodding. This may be its only resource towards basic communication, though this inferences that it can only interface with individuals with the necessary evolution and/or Force Assisted skill. For now, to us outsiders, it simply seems inclined to bellow, devour, and plod on in an endless cycle of destruction and rest.

  • History: [Describe an abridged history]

  • Notable Player-Characters: N/A
  • Intent: [Describe the plan for this species. NOTE: This section alone can have your species dismissed. Species created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of Star Wars will not be approved.]
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