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Akovin Stock Co.

Son of Triam
Corporation Name: Akovin Stock Company (A.S.Co.)

Headquarters: The Junk'd Up Ship, Triam Akovin's personal YT-1300 Light Freighter

Locations: N/a, wherever the ship lands to do business.

  • Rare Material Hunting [Primary]
  • Gadget smithing [Primary]
  • Armorsmithing [Secondary]
  • Droid smithing [Tertiary/Cursory Interest]
  • Miscellaneous Technology smithing [Tertiary]
  • Mercenary/Bounty Hunting Operations [A separate profession of Triam Akovin's and her soon-to-be employee Crol H'hurut, that is organized through A.S.Co. Contact]
Rationale: Triam Akovin left her country and started off into the galaxy to become an entrepreneur, an independent woman with the necessary intelligence to hunt for rare materials and treasures across the galaxy, and using her unique perspective of science and engineering to create the most uniquely built, quality gadgets to sell to the masses.

Tier: Tier Two

Description: When A.S.Co. first began, it was an incredibly small business, founded by Triam Akovin as its only "employee" and "C.E.O.", but in actuality it was just a single person going about the galaxy making stuff out of rare materials to sell at huge prices. At that point, she could only take private orders for materials, very small doses, at most a few kilograms per person that order it. As for gear, she pretty much just made whatever she wanted at any time... as nobody actually privately ordered the creation of something out of her. At that point, she had few tools at her disposal to create things in any large quantity, but in her free time when she wasn't out treasure hunting, bounty hunting, mercenary, or being a kick ass tournament player, she just kept building her wares, stocking up on them as her company's namesake like her personal freighter was some sort of warehouse. Despite all of this however, the small businesswoman figured out the complexities of technology and learned more sophisticated measures to ensure that her gear was of the best and brightest design in the galaxy.

That was then however, before the Netherworld Crisis, before Triam Akovin's defeat in the Tournament of the Cauldron, that was before her six years of self-exile from galactic infamy. For six whole years, Triam avoided all contact with the rest of the galaxy, and used her intellect to build whatever suited her most. She used what remained of the money she gained over her tenure as an honest businesswoman on the galactic stage, and bought droids and materials and other interesting things that pleased her to tinker with. She underwent many experiments relating to the unique features of droids or magnetic fields, refining her manufacturing techniques to the point that soon, manufacturing her gear at minor levels was actually feasible to reach without creating a stockpile over months of work and lack of sales. That's when, using her new knowledge of droids, she created Rigsy, a droid dedicated to mimic her manufacturing process and accelerate to such a degree as to outpace her completely, increasing her rate of production. Additionally in this time, she began to test the functionality of droid remotes and their modification to interface and act as mobile surveillance for a weapon attachment.

Her most advanced experiments however, involved the refinement of her magnetic shielding techniques present in her Phantom Fingers for the development of an advanced glove, capable of absorbing [/size]blaster fire to create a beam [/size]intended for disarming opponents. Upon exiting her half-decade exile, she was soon faced with another growing company of considerable potential: iBorg. Seeing a lack of refinement for her own cybernetic replacement, she immediately found it within her capacity to fully endorse the company, and subsequently land a contract with the company where she would become exclusively employed for their [/size]Research and Development. This lead to the fruition of the Second Wind Aurek Node, a design she researched for future development, which she now has a sales and derivative rights, and fifteen percent royalty to, as guaranteed by Selka Ventas and her company.

Additionally, all around the galaxy, hearing of her infamy and return to the galactic market, several companies, such as Salacia Consolidated, Arceneau Trade, Emeritus Industries, or Mandal Hypernautics, have all made offers for a contract. So far however, only contracts with Salacia Consolidated and Mandal Hypernautics have been undertaken by Triam at present.

Subsidiaries: N/a

Primary Source: N/a[/size]