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Akon Devoda

Daniel Imura

Enter snowman
NAME: Akon Devoda
FACTION: Sith Empire
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Shi'ido
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5' 3"
WEIGHT: 186 pounds
EYES: Brown (Darkside: red)
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: White


+ Durable: Akon can withstand massive amounts of pain and suffering. He reasons that nothing physical could ever be as bad as his inner thoughts.
+ Liar: He is skilled in the art of deceit. He will do anything to convince someone of a lie.
+ Shapeshifter: His skills in deceit don't end with his mouth. As a shi'do, he can shape himself into any form he desires.

- Closed in: Akon refuses to trust anyone. His past experiences keep him from making any close connections with anyone else.
- Visions: Akon is constantly racked by visions of his own pain. These memories cause him to stagger in weakness.
Force abilities
Force push /////
Force rage /////

Favored forms
King cobra

SHIP: None.

BIOGRAPHY: Akon was a troubled kid as he grew up on Coruscant. In his eyes, nobody ever really understood him, so he would lash out with lies and deceit. While his outer shell showed a tough, charismatic guy, he was truly haunted by demons. Not literal ones, but those created from his own fears and failures. In his childhood, Akon had been constantly rejected and thrown away by everyone who knew him. This led him to eventually create a mental shield around himself so that nobody could ever know the real him. He even shows this physically in the sense that he never shapeshifts into his normal form. He hates himself so much that he hides even his own face. While he secretly wishes for a happy life, he only ever destroys the lives of others. His pain is his power. His rage is his resource. His sorrow is his strength.