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Character Akemi Sinvala


Akemi Sinvala

  • NAME: Akemi Sinvala
    RANK: Jedi Padawan
    FACTION: Order of the Silver Jedi
    SPECIES: Sephi
    AGE: 80GSY
    SEX: Female
    HEIGHT: 5'6
    WEIGHT: 140 lbs
    EYES: Blue
    HAIR: White
    SKIN: Blue
    HOMEWORLD: Thustra
    LANGUAGES: Basic, Bocce, Huttese
    Credit: This template Created by Pluperfect

    Akemi was born as the eldest of two and lived a comfortable life on Thustra, partly funded at her cousin’s expense. With such a large age gap between her and her sister, most attention was focused on Akemi who appeared to be the most promising of the two. Guided by her parents, Akemi was enrolled in a prestigious military academy not long after starting school where she trained in the art of combat for years before graduating to enter a special forces unit within the military, full of highly-skilled soldiers.

    On a mission off-world, Akemi disobeyed a command after sensing an unknown danger, though she couldn’t understand why. She tried to warn her squad but none would heed her warning and so she hid in an abandoned building when she felt the pangs of the warning become stronger and heard the footsteps of the enemy grow louder. Upon emerging, she found she was the only surviving member of her squad and fled back to Thustra but after returning to base she was dismissed for cowardice & deserting and returned to her family who couldn’t so much as look her in the eye.

    With few real-life skills, Akemi struggled with finding a job and supporting herself, straining the relationship with her parents further. Her sister had now become the sole focus of attention and was receiving the best and most expensive education after it seemed she excelled in academia. Lost and with nowhere to turn, Akemi left Thustra in search of work, hoping to gain citizenship and admittance to the military of another planet since it was all she knew and was good at.

    On approach to the port, she took a short-cut through some quiet back alleys and found a group of men surrounding another man, clearly with bad intentions. After helping to free the young man from the thugs, he introduced himself as a Jedi Padawan and after sensing her affinity to the Force, he persuaded her to join him back to a Jedi Temple and with no reason to disagree, Akemi joined him on his journey and after learning more about the Jedi Order, it became clear that it was something she wanted to be a part of and so before long she pledged her allegiance to the Jedi.


    Akemi’s personality has been largely shaped by her time within the military which has caused her to value and internalise qualities such as obedience, loyalty and discipline. She will however not follow orders blindly and if she believes an order to be risking lives then she will disobey if she believes there is a better way to achieve a goal, though this is particularly difficult for her sometimes and she is very reluctant to disobey.

    She shows kindness and compassion to most people but can be particularly ruthless when faced with an enemy and will stop at nothing to achieve a goal. Although she is confident, she is not arrogant but rather modest about her abilities and acts in an honourable manner most of the time. She is stoic and does not display emotions easily, instead concealing them to avoid looking weak, and so can come across as aloof at times.

    Her training pushed her towards bravery and risk-taking and after her dismissal from the military she is careful not to show any signs of cowardice. She is not very free-thinking and is rather dependent on others for orders and advice on what to do in situations. Akemi was also taught how to act in a cunning and manipulative manner which was frowned upon within the Order, though she would still use it to her advantage as she believed the means could justify the end.


  • PROS:
    • Experienced: Despite her novice rank as a Jedi, her years in the galaxy have given her wisdom beyond that of her peers.
    • Highly Trained: She is specially trained in the armed forces of Thustra, having attended a prestigious military academy and graduating to join the special forces.

    • Dependent: She relies heavily on others for guidance and struggles to think objectively and independently, so she relies heavily on her Master for instructions.
    • Risk-taking: Although not impulsive, she is not a stranger to taking risks and is not afraid to do so.

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