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Ak Veh'rum

Ak Veh'rum



Name: Ak Veh'rum
Faction: N/A
Rank: N/A
Species: Gurlanin
Age: 100 years
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2" (when in natural form)
Weight: 250Ibs (when in natural form)
Eye color:
Orange (when in natural form)
Skin and Hair:
Grey, Black fur (when in natural form)
Force Sensitive: No, only natural telepathic abilities

Appearance: Being polymorphic, Ak is rarely in his natural form when not on his homeworld. When he is, he stands at 6'2" at the shoulder. His eyes are orange. At the end of each paw are three toes with sharp claws. Though a canine, his tail is thin like a feline's with black fur on the end.

Strengths and Weaknesses: (**Species specific abilities. ***Unique to Ak Veh'rum)

**Polymorphic: Ak Veh'rum can assume the form of other species, allowing him to blend in. He is also able to go undetected by infrared and thermal sensors and Force-users. ***While Gurlanin typically can't assume a form larger than an adult human, Ak is an exception. So far the largest form he can assume is an adult Nocnafuria.

**Telepathic: Naturally telepathic, Ak can communicate with other members of his species without speaking. ***With practice he learned how to do the same with other species, though it can't be done properly unless he's spent enough time (several days) with an individual.

**Echolocation: With his ears being in his snout, Ak can use echolocation.

Call for Peace: **Gurlanin are said to have soothing voices. If so desired, Ak can make his voice sound so soothing, it is almost hypnotic and calms someone who is in distress. ***For species who change form when enraged/stressed, Ak's voice can change them back. However, this is most effective if Ak has had a chance to work with the individual.

Though he can hold a form for as long as he wants, an unexpected event, such as an explosion in close proximity to him, can break his concentration. Strong emotions might also break his concentration. While he can assume larger forms than the average Gurlanin, his strengthen will lessen.

Ak has an unusual fear of Rodians. He has no idea why, he just does. If he happens to encounter a Rodian while doing something important, he can--though with difficulty--remain focused. Otherwise, he goes out of his way to avoid them and may even, unintentionally, change his form if he is unable to get away.

No one's interests are above his own. He will readily turn on a group or individual if a better offer comes along.

Biography: (To be added later)

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