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Aiker Ebizu

Carlos Castillo

Aiker Ebizu


NAME: Aiker Ebizu
FACTION: Independent
RANK: Terrorist
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 185lbs.
EYES: Crimson
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White



  • Sociopath: Aiker's personality is borderline insane. Given that, he is still extremely smart and highly adaptive to any given situation and is constantly thinking of various scenarios.
  • Predator: Not that kind of predator. Aiker's instincts automatically aid him in adapting to situations on his feet. His observation skills are astounding.
  • Fear: Although he himself is a murderer, he is afraid of dying. If cornered, he will panic and strike out in fear like an animal.
  • Trust: Ever since birth, Aiker has never trusted anyone. He doesn't even trust those who taught him back in the assassin's guild, the only person he looks out for is himself. If assigned to work with others, he keeps information to himself and uses his comrades.

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Aiker Ebizu had no parents, no relatives, nothing at all. He was discovered on Coruscant by an elderly gentleman by the name of Edward Walibee. Walibee was a moderately-famous businessman, however, this was merely a cover for his true persona. In reality, Walibee had established and managed a guild. Not just any guild, a guild for killers, assassins, and masterminds. Edward Walibee utilized this secret organization to eliminate opponents in the business world and grow the new breed of killers and murderers. Walibee named the newborn infant Aiker Ebizu, immediately placing the child into the guild as soon as he was old enough.

Aiker's progress was astounding. He quickly mastered the arts of thinking progressively and adapted to any situation with ease. The young boy had a fair amount of formal schooling from the guild, ranking high in his classes, but was suited much better to fieldwork and gaining experience in first-hand. Aiker Ebizu became a prodigy in the arts of silent killing and plotting against his foes. Though it was against the rules, Aiker murdered many of his classmates in order to maintain his high rankings and kept his guildmates in fear of him.

The years passed with the young man growing strong, his body built to his own standards and his mental capacity unrivaled. Upon turning 18, Aiker departed from the guild to never be heard of again. Since his departure, a massive amount of killings, bombings, and assassinations have erupted across Coruscant and its underworld. Many members of the guild suspect it is Aiker, but this hypothesis is not supported by the few people who know Aiker.

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