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AG-115 was made in the same factory as IG-88. He was originally designed for engineering on Tatoinee, but then a strange computer glitch caused another story. He killed his creators and stole a imperial tie fighter from the docking bay and went to Tatoinee for other reasons. He once heard his creators speak of a Jabba the Hutt, who was a criminal who hired bounty hunters. AG-115 is flying there now...


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Just copy and paste:
Standard Profile Template

Character images go here.

NAME: What is your characters name? Remember, be original and don't use canon names unless they are Mandalorian names such as Ordo, etc.
FACTION: What faction does your character belong to?
RANK: What rank does your character hold in his/her faction?
SPECIES: What species is your character?
AGE: How old is your character?
GENDER: Is your character a male, female, trans-gendered, etc.?
HEIGHT: How tall is your character?
WEIGHT: How much does your character weight (remember to make it proportional to his/her height)?
EYES: What color eyes does your character have?
HAIR: What color hair does your character have?
SKIN: What is your character's skin color?
FORCE SENSITIVE: Is your character Force Sensitive?


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Describe in moderate detail the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

Does your character have a personal ship? If so, describe it in moderate detail (what does it look like, what can it do, what types of weapons and engines does it have, etc.).

Describe your characters backstory up to the point you started RPing him/her. Be sure to update this section as the role-play continues. This section requires a minimum of 50 words upon the posting of the profile, even if the profile is a work in progress.

Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.

Post the names of any bounties you have delivered and the amount of money you gained for it. If possible, include a link to the thread in which it happened.


Post the links and the titles to all of your characters Role-Plays. To make things easier, post the link and name here as soon as you enter the Role-Play thread.

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