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Does this unit have a soul?
"I'm the solution."

NAME: Aequalis

FACTION: None, until he establishes one (when the writer gets off his ass and makes it)

RANK: None

SPECIES: Unknown, hand to hand ability suggests Echani

AGE: Unknown



WEIGHT: 190 lbs

EYES: Gray

HAIR: Unknown

SKIN: Unknown




+Hand to hand combat mastery

+Skillful with the vibrodagger which he carries, though he rarely uses it


+Proficient in the use of stealth

+Good at persuading people


-Psychotic to a degree

-Seeing as he isn't force sensitive he lacks all those cool little powers that come with it

-Will do absolutely anything to achieve his goals

SHIP: None as of yet

BIOGRAPHY: The story of Aequalis' origin is one many know, but none can truly confirm, the only source of this information is the man in the mask himself, but it remains convincing to his followers.

It begins with a young Aequalis, at the age of fourteen. He was the fourth of six children in a rural farming family. Their family, like all others in the area, paid a protection fee to a duo of force sensitive thugs, who constantly bullied and abused the families, going so far as to rape one of the neighbor's daughters and still getting away with it. After that, they beat his youngest brother and eldest sister to a pulp for doing something so little as looking at them funny.

Enraged, his father stood up too the thugs in defiance, and was of course cut down. Aequalis family followed suit, as did all the rest of the families when the thugs decided to leave no witnesses. But out of all the death they brought that day, they did not bring it to him. They would regret that day.

For the years that followed Aequalis trained relentlessly, traveling about the galaxy any way he could, desperately learning everything he could about fighting force users, and even how to take their connection to their all powerful force away from them. In these years, he shed his old name and took on his new one, and began his quest to bring equality to the galaxy the only way it truly could be, by destroying the force.

What happened next is easily confirmable if one did some digging. The two thugs, Dark Jedi, fled from the planet altogether and ran for Taris. After years of being unscathed, they thought themselves safe, and started to live normally again. Their first night out in years, they disappeared. A week later they found in an alley, one dead with his neck snapped and body decaying (he'd been dead since night one), the other huddled in a corner, claiming her connection to the force was gone. Large scars indicating surgery lined her body, and testing confirmed her connection was gone. She would plead guilty to her actions against the families, but the story, now complete with a masked avenger, was not believed, and the woman was labeled as insane.

Soon after, Aequalis appeared on Taris, gathering a following of people who believed that force users used their so called gift to oppress everyone else. Soon however, their actions went from small protests which he arranged but never attended, to striking out at force users on world, going so far as to kill a Knight of the Sith Order, and abduct a Jedi to remove his connection to the force.

When things seemed to deteriorate even further, thanks to influential force users cracking down on all NFUs which further enraged the people, bombings began to occur along with other kinds of open violence. Then, things took a turn for the worst (or better depending on your point if view) when the movement spread to other worlds, slowly growing in influence across numerous systems, and behind each and every event, every uprising, bombing, rally, kidnapping, murder or anything else carried out by the movement had the masked man as its catalyst. The man whose name translated to 'Equal' in some dead dialect, had changed from a simple visionary to the leader of a small, multi-system uprising, one which is steadily growing.

But this merely scratched the surface of his plan. Alone he ventured to archives across the galaxy, looking for information of Darth Traya the Betrayer, the only one to ever come close to making the dream of equality a reality. He spends countless nights, searching for answers, clues, plans or anything he could get his hands on about her mission to destroy the force once in for all.





Cadden Blackthorne

Looks interesting to me, we should role play sometime


Blessed are the peacemakers
Hi welcome to chaos and I probably won't crush your face in


Blessed are the peacemakers
I'll make it look like a banana


I'm a better solution *sticks out tongue, then realizes he's wearing a helmet*


Blessed are the peacemakers
To sum up how your fight against force sensitives will go:



Does this unit have a soul?
@[member="Tracyn Ordo"] I alwaya thought I was more of a Batman than the Hulk, but thanks!