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Approved Tech Aela's Sword

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  • Intent: To sub a unique weapon for Aela to begin her new journey
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Me, I'm Great
  • Manufacturer: Saul Talith
  • Model: Aela's Sword
  • Affiliation: Aela Talith
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Songsteel
  • Classification: Sword
  • Size: One-handed
  • Length: 91.44cm Blade, 112.32cm Overall
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Lightside Aura
  • Force Imbued
Lightside Aura - The Blade has a natural lightside aura. The weapon constantly radiates and proves as a source of power for those of the lighside, giving off a sense of calm, peace, and serenity.
Force Imbued - Upon it's creation the blade was imbued with the force. This renders it stronger than most swords and allows it to cut through even hardened metals, albeit with some effort.

  • Lightside Blade: The blade that Aela would eventually call her own was originally forged as a weapon of the light. Through a careful and meticulous process the sword was carefully honed and crafted, infused with the lightside of the force and imbued with it's strength. Through this painstaking process the Blade has taken on several properties of the light. This power reflects within the qualities and features of the blade. The sword is capable of cutting through things more easily, slicing through duracrete and durasteel like butter. Additionally the blade radiates with a call to the lightside, providing a sort of calm and focus to the wielder. The blades unique composition also renders it capable of dispersing the darkside, allowing the weapon to destroy Sith Artifacts and lingering malcontents.
  • Flawed: The blade is not perfect, something that most master craftsmen would quite easily be able to tell. Though it's initial creation was fine, it is very obvious that at some point the blade was either reforged, or severely damaged. A crack runs through the hilt of the weapon and smaller fractures are placed through the blade itself. This can, and likely will, eventually lead to the blade shattering.
  • Beacon: Due to the unique properties of the sword this weapon is a beacon of the lightside. There is no hiding or attempting to dampen this, and any force user is able to 'sense' the blade unless it is masked by a more powerful aura. Walking with this blade in a crowd of regular people is like shining a flashlight into the face of every nearby force user.
The blade that would eventually become Aela's sword was originally forged by none other than her grandfather.

Though Darth Moridin was known for his creation of various Sith Artifacts and swords, he in fact began his craftsmanship with the forging of Force Imbued Blades before his fall to the Darkside and Betrayal of the Jedi Order. It was during this time that he created the blade that would eventually become Aela's own sword.

Though Moridin's time among the Jedi was short lived, the one skill he did learn among them was the creation of both Lightsabers and Force Imbued Blades.

At the time simply known as Saul Talith, the young Jedi Padawan held a keen interest in the creation of weaponry. From nearly his induction in the order Saul made it a point of fact to learn as much as he could about the weapons of the Jedi, both old and new. This obsession lead him to the creation of Force Imbued blades and of course Lightsabers. Though eventually Saul became known for using more unique styles of lightsabers, his first attempts in craftsmanship were with force imbued blades.

Though this process was incredibly difficult, and in fact caused him a great amount of frustration, he eventually managed the forging of a single Force Imbued blade. The Sword was hardly a mastercraft and most likely would have laughed him out of a smithy, Saul was nonetheless proud of his creation.

The weapon was something he often carried with him, and through his time in the Jedi Order it became a small point of pride.

When the fateful day of his fall arrived, Saul's blade was at his side. He carried the sword into the Jedi Temple on the day of his betrayal. With each slice it's pommel began to sear, every drop of blood brought a burning pain, and each death created yet another fracture. As Moridin fell, as he killed those whom had taken him in, his own sword began to rebel.

The blade burned his hand, fracturing and nearly breaking apart as it rejected it's master. It tumbled falling to the broken ground of the Temple itself, the last vestige of the boy Moridin had once been.

Moridin left the blade there, abandoned and forgotten.

Hundreds of years passed, the Gulag plague ravaged the galaxy, Empires rose and fell, but the blade remained. Generations later the Sword would be found by Saul's Granddaughter. Taken up not for some grand quest or brave adventure, but plucked from the earth as little more than an afterthought.

The blade now rests with Aela, waiting for it's redemption.
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