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Approved Tech AE-RS

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The Black Flame

Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
AE-RS (All Environment Reconnaissance Scout)
Affiliation: Fel Imperium
Modularity: No
Production: Major
Material: Alusteel​
Description: The AE-RS was designed to act as a scout vehicle for the Imperium, thus sacrificing armor and weapons for speed. To do this, the frame was stripped down as much as possible without sacrificing structural integrity. The legs are the lightest portion of the platform, sacrificing what is usually strong armor so that the vehicle can hold a decent armament. To this end the legs are the ultimate weak point of the walker. The platform, despite its obvious flaws in combat, is also used as a escort for larger AE-STs and convoys.
Role: Assault / Recon
7 meters
Length: 7.5 meters
Width: 2.2 meters
Weight: 7 Tons
Propulsion: Two unarmored legs
Top Speed: 145 km/h​

X2 Medium Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon
X2 Anti-Personnel Laser Cannon

Passenger Capacity: 1 (Pilot)
Cargo Capacity: 0​

Misc. Equipment:
-Medium-range scanner
-Long-range scanner
-Targeting systems
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