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Factory Advice Wanted: Self-Camouflaging Armor

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I want to sub a version of the Her Majesty's Select Commando armor for Judd. The only real issue I am having is the part in the wiki concerning the Self-Camouflaging part of the armor. I am not sure how to spec that out in the sub. If someone can help with that or at least point to a submission that is similar that I can get inspiration from I would appreciate it.
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There's a fair amount of canon stuff there that people have mentioned already, and it's almost more of an issue I think of trying to find the in-character contextual fit for the item.

I think the canon Camo Scout Armor might fit what you're looking for in somewhat stealthy battle armor, but if you're just looking for a quick tech blurb or component on why the suit's stealthy, photosensitive microscopic crystals might be what you're looking for.