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Advice, please.

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
I usually don't struggle this much pushing through my lack of muse. My usual diversions are not helping. Reading...I am watching the 2nd Season of Mandalorian, other hobbies, and yet when I come back to write...I feel empty still.

So..What do you recommend to help?

I've managed to drink like 6 bottles of wine in the last few weeks to help relax...that only helped me to sleep. And I'm trying to boost my walking time back to 8000 steps a day.

Anyhow thoughts and ideas are appreciated.
Prefsbelt Commander
Music. Ironically. That and reading other bits of fiction. But if I need to get the muse flowing, I tend to put on the Empire Strikes Back soundtrack, choose a few select songs, and walk around, listening and elaborating on what I want to do. But that alas comes from a fella who tends to write more on the 'evil' side of Chaos. So I dunno what'd work for a good guy.

Celine Dion perhaps?

Krass Wyms

Jedi Tech Division
Factory Judge
This is something my teacher taught us... just write no plot no purpose, don't worry about punctuation or grammer. Just train of thought for 60 seconds. Can help get the mental juices flowig and thinking about things.... that or I have flow charts on what I have done and have planned and how to get there.... but just randomly writing to try and get ideas helps... also reading comics for the visual and story element.
You're stong, but not THAT strong.
When I get in a block, I sit back and either play video games or watch movies.
If that does not work, I look at posts from a personal level. For example, Caltin is his own person, I am not him, however what if I was in that situation. What would I do?
Maverick of the Frozen Wastes
I find getting enough sleep really helps. I can't usually manage to write if sleep deprived.

Talking about RP with other RPers tends to get the wheels turning, too, for me. Like, exploring how your character and theirs might interact, brainstorming a thread... talking about RP begets RP, in my experience.


Free weights. Meaty foods. Relaxing media. = Helps me write.

Caffeine, chocolate, stress. = No muse.

Delila Castillon

More time with your favorite redhead ;)

I find crafts really help me. Adult coloring, hand embroidery, dollar tree DIYs, etc. Gardening is also a muse booster for me too, as its nice to kind of zone out and think of new things while enjoying the outdoors.

Jashin Vycarion

Active Member
A little off the wall - sometimes writing in a different genre helps. For example, when I get stuck and unable to write Star Wars, I write on a fantasy site; I write a throwaway character (gnome, dagger, plays tricks) that has literally nothing to do with Star Wars. Oddly enough, the low stress and low stakes writing environment often helps the creative juices get flowing.

Many is the time that the adventures of Tom Robbins of O'Baskin has helped me unwind and come up with more serious plot points for the writing that I actually care about.

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
Robogeber Robogeber - Celine is always a good choice, I like George Winston too, piano music, or violin helps me. thank you.
Krass Wyms Krass Wyms - hmm I've always tried to write with a specific purpose so maybe this would work to just forget purpose and do whatever, thank you.
Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor - yes this always helps, its like stepping outside of my own persona to the one I envisioned for the character, Thank you.
Lunafreya Solidor Lunafreya Solidor - lol yes well the fitbit counts. I have tried my hand at making resin jewelry..thank you
Luca Ioneşti Luca Ioneşti - yes I"m definitely sleep deprived for multiple reasons. I will try to get more. Thank you.
Jsc Jsc - chocolate...I love it...another reason to walk and get fresh air. Thank you
Delila Castillon Delila Castillon - what would she like to do? hugs Thank you hun
Jashin Vycarion Jashin Vycarion - What I've done is gone back to my book, its a different genre and it helps some. Thank you.

I appreciate all the input. I'm trying several if not all of your suggestions. :)

Karlie Lynn Destat

Conspiracy Theorist and Investigator (IBI)
And you are?..??

Hey you. You know my writer got your back here.
The wine thingy though...well you know what resulted when my writer took to relaxing with wine and then attempt to write. Ok, so it were 'Port' but yea... ZZzzzz.... after some zany postings. :p

Anywho, tag my writer account for any story support.
Happy that you are coming about after the tragedy. This is the place to get away from RL for a while.
My prayers are still with you, my friend. :)

Faith Organa

Queen of Alderaan
Thank you Karlie Lynn Destat Karlie Lynn Destat It still tough going. I miss her I knew I would be flattened when she was gone, but I really thought it would be a while and that I'd have more time with her.

The laws of the state are...difficult to handle...then add in covid....and so many other things that I can't mention. No matter what the outcome my family can't get back what we would want most.

hugs Thank you dear for everything

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
So I wrote in the Blogs area a small piece to help me voice thoughts and emotions that I'm going through. Though the piece short, I cried through half of it. I'm actually the oldest of 5 and my mom did when I was like 17 tell me I had to take care of the others. I don't know how I'm going to do that, and besides they are all adults lol, they do what they want.

It helped me to get past part of the block I' have. Again, thank you all for your input.

I loaded my ipod with some new songs that were recommended to me. Robogeber Robogeber

Caltin Vanagor Caltin Vanagor I instead wrote my life into a piece for my character. I needed the avenue to vent out things I was thinking and feeling and not verbally expressing. So I used your suggestion :)

Jsc Jsc - I decided strawberry ice cream would suffice

Thank you everyone, again I truly appreciated the advice and support