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Approved Tech A'den Kyr'ams Armor

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Prudii Kyr'am Alor/Mandalorian Elder



Intent: Personal Armor for A'den Kyr'am
Image Source: All Custom Personal Images, All were custom made.
Canon Link:
Primary Source: N/A


Manufacturer: A'den Kyram
Affiliation: A'den Kyr'am
Model: N/A
Modularity: Yes
The wrist gauntlets have high tech computers and navigational systems in them that operate the weapons and body suit's cooling and heating abilities. As well the Helmet is basically a master computer system with a variety of features, everything can be swapped out for other devices and technologies.

Production: Unique
Material: Beskar (Mandalorian Iron), Duraplast with a Tri-Prismatic Polymer, Spacers leather, Armor weave, Mirrored Tempered shatterproof plexiglass.


Classification: Armor
Weight: Heavy
- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Extreme

- Kinetic: average

- Lightsabers: extreme

- Other: How much protection does the armor provide against this type of damage?
toxins: average
EMP/Ion: average
Sonics: none

The helmet has a target locking features (Can identify targets and scan weapons marking them as hostile or not), range finder, ID Scanner, Air filtration system, Voice Changer, Scanners, Thermal and Night Vision, 360 panoramic camera view displayed on the HUD in the inside of his T visor. Voice commands to control the life support systems in his armor as well as the HUD recognizes micro expression commands, (i.e. blinking, a twitch of the lip, etc. in situations where A'den might not be able to talk) Also it can control the weapons on his armor and his ship.
His Gauntlets have a comlink and controls to work the weapons in his armor as well as control the temperature of his body suit. Also has two retractable hidden beskar blades on the left gauntlet as well as two 8 inch standard beskar blades on his right gauntlet.
his gloves are armorweave with Beskar plates on the top of his hands for lethal punches in hand to hand combat.
his Boots have 10 1/4 inch spikes on the front (5 per boot).

1: The HUD has night vision and thermal vision.
2: vacuum sealed armor affords wearer protection from gases and toxins spread via inhalation air filtration system.
3: Beskar Plating is extremely resistant to lightsabers and blasters.
4: A'den's helmet is EMP hardened. A substantial enough burst could short the electronics and force them offline for a short time" is the commonly accepted EMP hardening strength.

1: gaps in between the beskar armor are not protected against blasters or lightsabers.
2: If the right gauntlet computer system is damaged he looses control of the temperature control in his suit, If the left gauntlet computer system is taken out then the hidden blades become useless, also a Big enough EMP Blast could knock out all the technology in the armor.
3: The armor is slightly more heavy than usual for it being made of Beskar making him not as agile.
4: If the toxic saber darts could be damaged they would leak toxins on A'den and it could leak through the body suit to affect his skin"
A'den's armor was designed to be a walking nightmare armory and the perfect protection in war. He has plates made with Beskar infused with Duraplast & Tri-Prismatic Polymer all over his torso, arms, legs, feel and even his helmet and groin. on A'den's Right Gauntlet he has controls to control the tempature programming for his armorweave body glove suit underneath his actual armor, As well it has a wrist rocket and a fiber rip cord. His Right gauntlet as well as 2 8 inch beskar blades. His left gauntlet has a back up comms system and ship commands as well as the lock mechansim for his retractable beskar blades hidden within the gauntlet, as well as a blaster, a 1/2 inch beskar blade launcher and toxic saber dart launcher. His helt has several pouches for extra ammo and grenades and a medkit and rations. He wears a black Spacers leather infused with Armorweave waist cape and then a red sash on the front made of the same material and both flow to the ground. Over his Beskar chest he wears a black sash with a mysterious medal on it with the resol'nare scribed on scroll hanging from it, but underneath that is a bandolier that holds extra ammo. His gloves are armorweave with Beskar plates upon the top of the gloves for a bone crushing punch in hand to hand combat. Hanging down from his right shoulder is a brown shoulder cape made from a jedi robe of a dead jedi. over his right shoulder as well is 3 braided wookie scalps he obtained from killing wookies, and idea he got from reading an old data cron about Boba Fett. A'den's helmet has a air filtration system to filter out all gasses and toxins, It also has thermal and night visions, as well as voice commands, a voice changer, comlink, 360 Panoramic HUD Display, Target scanner, ID Scanner and a range finder. A'den also wears a mask made of beskar on his belt as a trophy, it's the mask of the Alor for Prudii Kyr'am. A'den's armor also has a Armorweave neck cover to protect his neck.
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