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Adelaide Baldesarra


Purple Haze
NAME: Adelaide Baldesarra
FACTION: Mandalorian
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
EYES: Green
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

- Closed Off - She has a tough exterior and does not make it easy for someone to get inside. However if someone is lucky enough to be let inside she will be loyal forever.
- Revenge - She still is upset over the loss of her loved ones and is obsessed with getting revenge
- Loyal
- Warrior Heart


Adelaide was born to a Mandalorian family on Mandalore. She had two siblings both brothers whom teased her constantly when they were younger but all in good fun. They would all tussle together in the sand and sometimes Adelaide would best them. She was stronger than most realized even her brothers whom were easy to beat as she knew all of their weak spots. As they grew things changed a bit between the siblings. Her brothers became for protective of her from the other males and no guy was good enough for her. Adelaide ignored this mostly as none of the males around her tickled her fancy anyway. She was more interested in learning as much as she could from her father. It wasn't normal for females to go with their father's on missions but she was different. Adelaide was daddy's girl and got to go by herself, without her brothers, on missions where he would teach her life skills. She always looked forward to these adventures and treasured the time she spent with him. It was hard sometimes without her mother whom had died when she was 10.

Most females her age were married by now and having children however she was just a little bit different. Eventually at the age of 20 a single male Mandalorian caught her eye. She enjoyed his company and they would spend many nights together at the cantina laughing. It was at first a friendship but soon blossomed into a romance and it wasn't long before they began talking about a future together.

These dreams were shattered when she came to find out Kai had been killed in battle along with her father. Adelaide was a strong woman but this crushed her. Not only was her love gone but her father as well. She had always gone to him for everything. Her brothers had their own families so staying with them would just be a burden. Feeling lost and alone she decided to leave and make her way out in the galaxy looking to start a new. Promising to keep in touch.